Hayes Ridge Bushwack
Pine Canyon Bushwack
Fandango falls
5.easy bypass
Bypass First Big Drop on Talus Slope (http://www.bigbendchat.com/portal/forum/members-only-photos-and-reports/mar-17-20-2014-a-tale-of-two-canyons/ The route around the pour-off involved climbing roughly a hundred feet or so before turning north and then down the two hundred feet to the lower portion of the canyon. http://www.bigbendchat.com/portal/forum/el-saloacuten/on-the-edge-an-exploration-of-cattail-canyon/)
Bryan's Falls Bypass (http://www.bigbendchat.com/portal/forum/el-saloacuten/on-the-edge-an-exploration-of-cattail-canyon/15/ Some Scrambling + at least one big rappel. reportedly doable w/ 300 ft rope)

Copper Plaque Falls/Middle Pouroff (Big, Slotty pour off. )
Knife Ridge
Downclimbable, May want a hand line
5.easy upclimb
Bryans Falls ~460 ft
First Big Pour-off (first drop to the left about 30 feet or so to a pool/ledge then it drops to the right about a hundred feet into a pool and then drops again another 50 feet or so)
Second Pour-Off - Location Unknown (It was not long before we reached the second pour-off. It was short enough that we could double the 50 meter rope http://www.bigbendchat.com/portal/forum/el-saloacuten/on-the-edge-an-exploration-of-cattail-canyon/)
4 drops between dam and bryans falls