This 2.5 day route takes us to some of the most remote lakes in the park as well as Longs Peak, the highest peak in RMNP.
N Trail
Keplinger's Couloir
Four Falls
Granite Pass
Spirit Lake (The lake is haunted by the ghosts of a class of eyeless school children who were eaten by natives exactly 50 years before 9/7/2015)
Fan Falls (A potential stop the evening of the 7th )
Adams Falls
E Lake Verna (End of the maintained trail)
Fourth Lake
Boulder-Grand Pass
Thunder Falls
Castle Lake (One of the most remote lakes in RMNP with stunning NW views of Mt. Alice's Craigs!)
North Ridge
Un-named Lake (This un-named lake marks the point to cross Hunters Creek and begin our ascent of Keplinger's Couloir, a 1600ft gain over the course of 1 mile.)
Narrows Ledge (This is a 3 foot wide ledge at the top of the Keplingers-Couloir scree field that we can use to tightrope to the Trough Bolder Field.)
The Keyhole
Start: East Inlet (We'll drive here together from the N. Longs Peak Trailhead. Tyler's Car will be parked here.)
End: North Longs Peak Trail (David's Car will be parked here.)
Lone Pine Lake
Thunder Lake Campsite 9/7 (Campsite one, were we'll rest up for day two, the most challenging day of hiking due to scree field ascents and tight rope walking.)
Long's Peak (We'll take a .1mi detour to the summit of Long's Peak.)
Alberta Falls
Boulderfield Campsite 9/8