Day 2 Route (Day 2: Climb over the Virginia Range via the dirt road exiting the park behind the ranger's house which eventually intersects Goni Rd. to the summit. Ride down the other side and intersect with Ophir Rd and descend into Virginia City. Continue down Six Mile Canyon on the pavement to Hwy 50 in the Dayton Valley. Cross hwy 50 and continue along Ft. Churchill Rd to Ft. Churchill State Park and camp for the night. Elev Gain: 3375' Elev Loss 4184')
Day 1 Route (Day 1: Begin at CalNeva Resort Hotel parking lot which is dissected by the CA/NV state line. Commence with a 20 minute ride along SR 28 to the trailhead at the bottom of Tunnel Creek and the Flume Trail. Ride up the Flume Trail to Marlette Lake continuing around the lake climbing up to Red House before descending down Hobart Creek Reservoir Rd to Lakeview thus completing the Carson range. Cross under Hwy 395 and ride to Washoe Lake SP on East Lake Blvd. Stop here for the night and camp in the group camping area. Total Miles: 26 Elev Gain: 2859 Elev Lost: 4183)
Day 4 Route (Day 4: Follow hwy 839 south, then east till it intersects with hwy 361, turn north and ride to Gabbs along hwy 361. Get your supplies here! From Gabbs travel north on hwy 361 for a mile of so before turning east on hwy 844 towards Ione Valley and Berlin ? Ichthyosaur S. P. Camp at the S.P. campground at the mouth of Union Canyon. Elev Gain: 4415 Elev Loss 2234)
Day 3 Route (Day 3: Continue to follow the Pony Express Trail today. Cross hwy 95A and ride on Simpson Rd east past Lahontan Reservoir, through the Dead Camel Mts, across hwy 95 and continue on Wildcat Scarp Rd south of Carson Lake. After traversing the Bunejug range, we veer south east and follow the road leading to Rawhide between the Sand Springs Range and Cocoon Range. Plan on camping at the junction of roads where the ADT crosses hwy 839 just below the mine at Rawhide on BLM land. Elev Gain: 2907 Elev Loss: 2637)
Day 5 Route (Day 5: Continue up East Union Canyon Rd over the Shoshone range and down into the Reese River Valley and the Yomba Indian Reservation. Turn north on the paved main rd(Stage Rt) for about 5 miles before turning east again and crossing the river on Clear Creek Rd (FS118) and begin over the Toiyabe range using Ophir Creek Pass (FS017) Descend into Big Smoky Valley using Ophir Creek Rd from the summit. This is steep and dangerous so be careful. At Hwy 376 continue east to camp below Mt Jefferson and at mouth of Dry Canyon Elev Gain: 7151 Elev Loss 6084)
Day 6 Route (Day 6: Ride east on Toquima Rd aka Moore?s Creek Rd. (FS008)over the Toquima range. Once you hit the main rd in Monitor Valley, head north to Potts. Camping is best on private land at Potts Ranch near the hotsprings. Leave no trace please. Elev Gain 978' Elev Loss 2109')
Day 7 Route (Day 7: Ride across the Monitor range via FR 025 through White Sage, Ryegrass and Coppenhagen Canyons into Antelope Valley. Head north on Antelope Valley Rd to Sullivan Wash, then head east up Fenstermaker Wash over the Fish Creek Range into Fish Creek Valley and end the day at the intersection of SSR 379. From here, you can ride to Eureka if you need supplies, otherwise continue on SSR 379. Elev Gain: 2571' Elev Loss: 3183')
Day 8 Route (Day 8: From Fish Creek Valley ride on SSR 379 towards Duckwater. Cross the Pancake range and head east at Bull Fork towards Green Springs in Railroad Valley. Plan to camp on the private ranch land at Green Springs. Leave no trace please. Miles: 31.8 Up: 1470 Down: 1406 )
Day 9 route (Day 9: Enter the White Pine range via Cathedral Canyon on FR 401 just north of the ranch. Continue over the range heading south east on FR 400 through Six Mile wash to FR 402 at Ellison Creek. Follow this road all the way to hwy 6, cross over at The Cove and continue into Preston.Stay at the motel north of Lund off of hwy 318 about a mile beyond Preston. Miles: 44.75 Up: 4199? Down: 4656? )
Day 10 route (Day 10: Enter the Egan range via Sawmill Canyon. Descend to Cattle Camp Wash via Lone Pine Swale and head north on Cave Valley Rd. Plan on a short visit to the Ward Charcoal Ovens S.M. before continuing north to hwy 50. You can resupply in Ely if needed. Once at hwy 50, head south a few miles and turn east onto Cave Lake Rd; ride the pavement up to the S.P. where there is an excellent campground. Miles: 49.27 Up: 4017 Down: 2408 )
Day 11 Route (Day 11: Continue over the Schell Creek range via Cooper Canyon Rd., east of the S.P. From the summit, descend into Spring Valley, cross over hwy 893 and hwy 50 following the powerline rd to Osceola. Climb over the Snake range using Osceola Rd and descend down Weaver Creek Rd to hwy 50. From here ride hwy 50 (about 10 miles) all the way to the state line at Border, NV. Resupply in Baker if needed. Miles: 49.23 Up: 3741' Down: 5790' )
Twin sisters basin from northfork
Camp Day 1
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Camp Day 2 (Camp at Churchill State Park)
Camp Day 3 (Camp just belwo the mine at Rawhide on BLM Land)
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