WP1 (Two Goats Heli Drop by Rendezvous Heli Guides. Likely ski either NE or NW aspect.)
WP3 (Transition to DH mode again (rip skins, add layers) Bearing: 284mag. Distance: 2.3mi Elev. Gain: 1000' Est Time: 1hr 41 min Total Time: 2hr 20min. )
WP2 (Put on Skins, go to tour mode. Bearing: 283mag. Distance: .9mi. Elev. Loss: -1668' Est. Time: 40min. Total Time: 40min.)
WP5 (Top of Col. Bearing: 282mag. Distance: .86mi. Elev. Gain: 1261' Est. Time: 1hr, 20min Total Time: 4hrs 30min.)
WP4 (Rip skins, ski to bottom of valley. Bearing: 332mag. Distance: 1.71mi Elev. Loss: -1264' Est Time: 40 min. Total Time: 3hrs.)
WP6 (Rip skins. Ski right hand (East) side of unnamed glacier down to Tonsina Glacier. Bearing: 315mag. Distance: 1.08 mi. Elev. Loss: -1634 Est. Time: 40min. Total Time: 5hr 15 min.)
WP7 (Camp! Bearing: 245mag. Dist: 3.08mi. Elev Gain: 700' Est Time: 1hr 46min. Total Time: 7hrs. Total Time: )