Sawtooth Wilderness (
White Clouds Wilderness (
White Clouds Wilderness (
Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness (
Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness (
Hemingway-Boulders Wilderness (
4th of July Ants (Ridge between Antz Basin and 4th of July creek)
D. O. Lee (Ridge above Big Boulder Lakes)
Born Lakes Cache (SW of Born Lake #9555)
White Cloud Peak 10 (Above Tin Cup Lake)
Mt. Everly (SW ridge of Mt. Everly)
Lynx Creek Hot Spring Overlook (Confluence of Lynx Creek and middle fork Boise River)
Docmark aka Kiss My Cache (Glens Peak above Spangle and Ardeth Lakes)
Balsams "B" Day Cache (Snowyside Peak near Alice Lake)
Sawtooth Spectacle (West of Twin Lakes, near Alice Lake)
Near Farley (Farley Lake below Toxaway Lake)
Shangri-La (W side of Saddleback Lake)