White Trail
Red Trail
Brown Trail
Pink Trail
Purple Trail
Yellow Trail
Black Trail
Green Trail
Blue Trail
Trail Start
Blue/Green Trail Junction (Donated by the Lyal Family)
0.25 mile (Donated by the Brake Family)
Blue/Green Trail Junction (Donated by the Salto Family)
Blue Black Trail Junction (Donated by the Phillips Family)
0.5 mile (Donated by RJ Mulrey)
Blue/Black Trail Junction (Donated by the Seaver Family)
0.75 mile (Donated by the Murphy-Swanson Family)
1.0 mile (Donated by the Moore Family)
Yellow Trail Start (Donated by the Wesley Family)
Purple Trail Start (Donated by the Travis-Sawyer Family)
Purple/Pink Trail Junction (Donated by the Murphy Family)
Pink/Purple Trail Junction (Donated by the Zonghi Family)
Blue/Purple Trail Junction (Donated In Memory of Laura)
Marker (Donated by the Pool Family)
Blue/Red Trail Junction (Donated by the Chabot Family)
1.25 mile (Donated by the Union Church)
Blue/White Trail Junction (Donated by the Allain Family)
1.5 mile (Donated by Leah & Jordan Wilson)
1.75 mile (Donated by the Ashby Family)
Blue/Brown Trail Junction
Marker (Donated by the Ehrlich Family)
2.0 Mile (Donated by the Koller Family)
End 2.35 mile
Red Trail Start (Donated by Kathryn Hockenbury)
Red/Brown Trail Junction (Donated by Phillip Hockenbury)
Red Trail 0.25 mile (Donated by MaryBeth Hockenbury)
Red Trail Marker (Donated by Sam Hockenbury)
Red Trail Marker (Donated by Charles Hockenbury)
Red Trail 0.5 Mile (Donated by Clark Hockenbury)
Red Trail 0.75 mile (Donated by Andrew Wilson)
Red Trail Marker (Donated by the Mei Family)
Red/White Trail Junction (Donated by the D'Urso Family)
Red Trail 1.0 mile (Donated by the Sughrue & Cyr Family)
Red Trail 1.25 mile