Apache Trail 1.5
Black Canyon - Tip Top 3.5
Bulldog Canyon East 2.5
Bulldog Canyon West 2.0
Flight Path 4.0
Flight Path- Sycamore Access 2.5
Four Peaks 2.0
Log Corral Canyon 3.5
Montana Mountain 2.5
Mt Ord 2.5 ( )
Mud Springs 4.0 (Mud Springs is a very bumpy, somewhat scratchy, quite challenging in-and-out Jeep trail. The challenging areas are a lot of fun with a well equipped Jeep, but the bumpy road will turn off many people.)
New River 3.0
Ridgeline 3.0 (Ridgeline starts at 2,400? elevation and climbs ridgelines up to 4,600? elevation. It then drops back down another bunch of ridelines to the beginning. There are some very unique attractions and great scenery along the way including a Stone Corral, Indian Cave, Old Jail and Mini Grand Canyon.)
Saguaro Lake The Rolls 3.5 (This is a challenging Jeep tail along Saguaro Lake in an area frequented by the Salt River Wild Horses. The entire trip is within the Rolls OHV Area, but it avoids the trails more suited for quads and side-by-sides. Visit four locations along Saguaro Lake, enjoy majestic vistas, challenge yourself and your Jeep along the trail and at several "playgrounds" and even get up close and personal with wild horses if you are lucky.)
SYC Sycamore West 2.5
Sycamore 2.5
WhoopDeDo Roller Coaster 3.0
RV Resort (Road)