Trail to Colchuck Lake (Day one well start hiking by 8am, and our destination is to Colchuck Lake to rest and enjoy the spectacular views of Dragontail and Colchuck Peaks, Colchuck Lake, and of course start thinking about the ascent up Asgard Pass early the next day! :-))
Day 2 Trail to Core (Most people revere the trip up Asgard. Follow my lead and it's not too bad at all. Just about 2 hours if we stay together, help one another, and take several short breaks at strategic areas. The key in my book is to get an early start before the sun hits Asgard, so getting up early and beginning our hike no later than 6:45 - 7am is key.)
Day 2 Upper Core Exploring (Once we get up to the Core, we'll spend one night at Tranquil Lake. For here, we have all day to day hike around and see some spectacular areas. And we will then wait for Caitlyn to join us early on Day 3 and then we will begin our trip down to the Lower Core, which I think is by far the best camping hiking of the entire trip!)
Late Day 2 sunset view hike (After eating dinner, it will be nice to head up to the ridge above Tranquil Lake to hang out and catch the sunset over Colchuck Lake and with Dragontail and Colchuck Peaks off to the south of the setting sun.)
Day 2 hiking to view the Lower Core (There are some great vistas overlooking all the Lower Core Enchantment Lakes, so we will just enjoy our day and take as much time as we want to play, photograph, scramble, fish, etc.)
Day 3 Hike to Lower Core Camp
Day 3 day hiking (Once we set up camp on Day 3, we can pick several day hikes in the area: Prusik Pass with a scramble up to Prusik Peak, visit the Gnome Tarn which is a TOTAL MUST SEE, walk the north ridge above Lake Viviane for some breathtaking views, visit Temple Lake for secluded swimming, and head on up and then down to the gorgeous Crystal Lake.)

Parking Lot
Campsite Day 1
Campsite Day 2
Sunset hike destination
Day 3 Campsite

(Would be fun to be here for a sunrise or sunset!)