Hike - Culp Valley Trailhead to Pena Spring EXTENDED (reaches 4K feet)
Drive - 4WD around the Slots
Hike - Hellhole Canyon Trail to Maidenhair Falls
Hike - Pena Spring (Hike to Pena Spring)

Drive to Pena Springs
Hike - Rainbow Canyon Trail (https://www.hikespeak.com/trails/rainbow-canyon-trail-anza-borrego-desert/ For an exciting 2.2-mile hike on an undeveloped trail through a colorful canyon, make your way to Rainbow Canyon, located south of Blair Valley in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. A bit of scrambling is required on this hike, to climb several sloped dry falls within the canyon. This hike has 300 feet of elevation gain between the trailhead and the turnaround point, with plenty to see along the way.)
Drive to Mud Caves (http://www.desertusa.com/anza_borrego/Mud_Caves.html)
Drive to Font's Point (Font's Point is known as the best place to see the sunset over the badlands...)
Drive 1 to Wind Caves
Drive 2 to Wind Caves
Hike to Ghost Town
Drive to Sheep Pass Canyon
Hike pt 2 - to Springs
Hike pt 2 - Canyon RT
Hike to Tunnel
Hike 1 to Cougar Canyon
Hike to Petroglyphs (https://modernhiker.com/hike/hiking-ghost-mountain-and-pictograph-trail)
Drive to Ghost Town
Drive to the Slot
Hike - WInd Caves
Hike - Hike to Calcite Main and back through Narrows (Tougher hike then it looks, but nice with slot canyons. Be careful at end when returning to the car. It is easy to miss the trail back, and the next road heading east is 10+ miles)
Hike - The Slots (One way in map, but it is an out and back.)
Drive to Pumpkin Patch
4WD through the Badlands (Have never done this - looks like there are some steep parts and nowhere to turn around...)
Windcaves Trialhead
Trailhead - Rainbow Canyon
Hike - Culp Valley Trailhead and Pena Spring
Destination - Yaquitepec Site
Camp - Arroyo Salado Camp (From our 2nd Trip)
Destination - Calcite Mine (http://www.sandiegotrailtramps.com/pages/2014Hikes/14_2_16CalciteMine.html Did not see anywhere you can actually go to mine. Hike our with views of the desert and back through slot canyons is what makes this hike worth it)
Egg Mountain Peak (http://www.abdnha.org/pages/06_exploring/south/south_roads/002/eggmountain.htm )
Camp - Bow Wow Campground
Camp - Mountain Palm Primitive Campsites
The Slot (http://www.hikespeak.com/trails/the-slot-anza-borrego-desert/)
Turn Off for Mud Caves (http://www.desertusa.com/anza_borrego/Mud_Caves.html)
Arroyo Tapiado Mud Caves
Destination - Cave Paintings
Destination - Fonts Point
Santa Catarina Spring
Camp - Sheep Canyon Campground
Wind Caves
Canyon Sin Nombre ( )
Ghost Mountain
Sheep Canyon - Creek Pass 1
Sheep Canyon - Creek Pass 2
Sheep Canyon - Creek Pass 3
Deering Canyon Tunnel
Pumpkin Patch