A few good "roads" south of the Devi's Den area, roads only intended for 4x4.
Devli's Den to Trail-Head (7.25 Miles from parking lot to trail turn off.)
Pannell Road (Forrest Service Road - 5.75 Miles, water crossing at end.)
Buckhorn Trail (8 miles runs along the creek)
Buckhorn to River (Side Trip) (1 mile along river to campsite)
Buckhorn to Home
High Water Mark
Appleton to Hector

Appleton to Hector
to Hector


Ozark Day 4 Trail
Ozark Day 2 Highway
Ozark Day 2 Trail
Ozark Day 1 Highway
Ozark Day 1 Trail
Ozark Day 3 Trail
Hawksbill Crag Hike

Swinging Bridge