Spring - still a trickle 4/3/2011
Ripsey, the
Cross Gila River on paved car bridge
Highway 177
Battle Axe Road
Artesian Well - solid water source
Good car camp/vehicle drop
Good ford in low water
Orphan boy 4x4
Picketpost TH
Well signed Legends of Superior Trail
Telegraph 4x4 Road
Gila Canyons AZT
Water often in wash below cut in road
AZT north Gila ST
Area 52 bypass
Follow fencline, then ATV track
Cross Canal on catwalk by gaging station
Water often running in Box Cyn
Possible water from trough/spigot
Possible water from tank/spigots
Cattle trough with functioning spigot 4/3/2011
Martinez Canyon 4WD extravaganza
Bathtub spring - nearly dry 4/3/2011