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06 - Virginia
07 - Virginia
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10 - Virginia
11 - Virginia/WV/Maryland/Penn
12 - Pennsylvania
13 - Penn/Jersey/NY
14 - NY/Conn
15 - Conn/Mass
16 - Mass/Vermont
17 - Vermont/NHampshire
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01 - Georgia
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03 - NC/Tenn
Whitley Gap Shelter (1.2 mi. SSE of AT down steep blue blaze trail. Spring 0.3 mi. behind shelter,141)
Kephart Shelter
Laurel Gap Shelter
Mount Le Conte Shelter
Black Gap Shelter (Black Gap Shelter is located 300 feet W of trail. Water is downhill--gb,173)
Madison Spring Hut (Called Madison Spring Hut in the Companion)
Crag Camp
Gray Knob
The Perch Shelter
Lake of the Clouds Hut
Hermit Lake Shelter (1 of 2)
Hermit Lake Shelter (2 of 2)
Crawford Notch Hostel
Hexacuba Shelter
Gifford Woods State Park
Old Job Shelter (Off of Old Job Trail)
William B. Douglas Shelter
South Bourn Pond Shelter (Not on A.T.)
Stratton Pond Shelter
Kid Gore Shelter
Wilbur Clearing Lean-to
Bellows Pipe Lean-to (Not on A.T. (1-mile away))
Pecks Brook Lean-to (Not on A.T. (1-mile away))
Deer Hill Lean-to (Not on A.T. (1-mile away))
Upper Goose Pond Cabin (Seasonal)
Glen Brook Lean-to
The Hemlocks Lean-to
Riga Lean-to
Limestone Spring Lean-to
West Mountain Shelter
Saver Hollow Shelter
Pickle Branch Shelter
Blackrock Hut
Rock Spring Hut
Ed Garvey Shelter
Ensign Cowall Shelter
Rutherford Shelter
Ore Hill Shelter
Smarts Mountain Cabin (Old Firewarden Cabin offers shelter)
Velvet Rocks Shelter
Moose Mountain Shelter
Trapper John Shelter
Rattle River Shelter
Guyot Campsite Shelter (Shelter at Guyot Campsite)
Imp Campsite Shelter (Shelter at Imp Campsite)
Speck Pond Shelter (Shelter at Speck Pond Campsite)
Full Goose Shelter
Gentian Pond Campsite Shelter (Shelter at Gentian Pond Campsite)
Ethan Pond Campsite Shelter (Shelter at Ethan Pond Campsite)
Eliza Brook Campsite Shelter
Jeffers Brook Shelter
Beaver Brook Shelter
Kinsman Pond Campsite Shelter (Shelter at Kinsman Pond Campsite)
Garfield Ridge Campsite Shelter (Shelter at Garfield Ridge Campsite)
Carlo Col Shelter
Piazza Rock Lean-to
Popular Ridge Lean-to
Spaulding Mountain Lean-to
Little Bigelow Lean-to
Horns Pond Lean-tos (Two lean-tos)
Hurd Brook Lean-to (Water)
Carter Notch Hut
Greenleaf Hut
Lonesome Lake Hut
Galehead Hut
Mizpah Spring Hut
Zealand Falls Hut
Minerva Hinchey Shelter
Clarendon Shelter
Governor Clement Shelter
Stony Brook Shelter
Wintturi Shelter
Cloudland Shelter (Is this still standing?)
Happy Hill Shelter (Also called Happy Hill Cabin)
Thistle Hill Shelter (Formally Cloudland Shelter (1995) according to A.T. map)
Tucker Johnson Shelter
Cooper Lodge
Pico Camp Shelter
Tricorner Knob Shelter (Spring is nearby--gb, 46)
Baldpate Lean-to (Baldpate Lean-to is near small stream at base of steep slope; water from nearby)
Rainbow Stream Lean-to (AT reaches Rainbow Stream Lean-to; water from stream; excellent swimming holes--)
Potaywadjo Spring Lean-to (Water from nearby bubbling spring 15 ft in diameter--gm2)
East Branch Lean-to (AT reaches East Br Lean-to w/ side tr to former site of old logging dam on river)
Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to (Water from brook; beautiful cascades immediately upstream; good swimming--gm2)
Chairback Gap Lean-to (AT reaches Chairback Gap; spring on short side trail; Chairback Gap Lean-to is 1)
Logan Brook Lean-to (AT reaches shelter located in a ravine between two shoulders of White Cap Mounta)
Carl A. Newhall Lean-to (Water from Gulf Hagas Brook--gm2)
Leeman Brook Lean-to (Water from brook--gm3)
Wilson Valley Lean-to (AT reaches short side trail to Wilson Valley Lean-to; water from small spring--g)
Bald Mountain Brook Lean-to (Water from nearby brook; tent sites at site of old logging camp near brook--gm 4)
Moxie Bald Lean-to (Water from pond; swimming in pond--gm4)
Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to (Water from stream; slate canyon along AT--gm4)
Pierce Pond Lean-to (Pierce Pond Lean-to is on an arm of Pierce Pond--gm5)
West Carry Pond Lean-to (AT reaches West Carry Pond Lean-to and tent sites; water from pond; swimming in)
Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to (Water from pond; excellent swimming at sand beach on Long Pond, 0.3 mi S via AT-)
Bemis Mountain Lean-to (AT reaches Bemis Mountain Lean-to; water from small stream--gm7)
Hall Mountain Lean-to (Water from spring or small spring--gm7; a spring is south of the shelter--2000 C)
Frye Notch Lean-to (Frye Notch Lean-to is next to Frye Brook; water from stream or small spring--gm7)
Wadleigh Stream Lean-to (AT reaches Wadleigh Stream Lean-to; water from stream--gm1)
Pleasant Pond Lean-to (Trail continues past lean-to to pond beach. This is the last water source (brook)
Long Pond Stream Lean-to (Water from small tributary of Long Pond Stream. Scenic Slugundy Gorge and Falls)
Cloud Pond Lean-to (Located 0.3 mi. from AT on a side trail. Water from pond or spring--GM3)
Kirkridge Shelter (Water (seasonal) available at outside tap toward the Kirkridge Retreat; follow b)
Leroy A. Smith Shelter (Springs on side trail 0.1 mi past shelter--gb, 72; 2000db, 28)
Lula Tye Shelter (Caretaker in residence (fee)--gb, 183; Water from spring is located 0.3 mi N of)
Little Rock Pond Shelter (Caretaker in residence, fee, moldering privy--gb, 182; spring 0.4 mi S on AT--gb)
Mt. Wilcox South Lean-to (Spring is on side of access trail, 200 ft from AT; another spring 100 yds S on A)
October Mountain Lean-to (Twelve-person shelter has loft and porch; outhouse nearby--gb, 76)
Kay Wood Lean-to (Water source is intermittent brook within sight down a steep bank; a privy is ne)
Bascom Lodge (Alt. 3491'; on summit of Mt Greylock, AT passes War Memorial Tower and Bascom Lo)
Mark Noepel Lean-to (Two tent platforms, fire pit, privy, and an intermittent spring are nearby--gb,)
Seth Warner Shelter (Water from brook 350 ft west (may fail in dry seasons)--gb, 213)
Congdon Shelter (AT reaches Congdon Shelter, with water available from nearby brook--gb, 218)
Melville Nauheim Shelter (Water available from stream where side trail leaves AT--gb, 206)
Goddard Shelter (AT reaches Goddard Shelter, with spring 40 ft from shelter on AT--gb, 210)
Caughnawaga Shelter (Caughnawaga Shelter is on AT (250 ft N of side trail to Kid Gore Shelter) water)
Story Spring Shelter (AT reaches Story Spring Shelter; spring is beside AT, 150 ft N of shelter--gb, 2)
Peru Peak Shelter (AT reaches Peru Peak Shelter; water available from adjacent brook--gb, 195; a fe)
Big Branch Shelter (AT reaches Big Branch Shelter; water available from stream--gb, 196)
Spruce Peak Shelter (Spring is 100 ft south of shelter; batch-bin composting toilet--gb, 199)
Telephone Pioneers Shelter (Water usually available from stream crossed by side trail to shelter--gb, 50)
Tom Leonard Lean-to (Tent platforms, privy; spring is on blue-blazed trail below tent platforms--gb,)
Brassie Brook Lean-to (Water is at stream on AT N of shelter; privy, picnic table, ample space for tent)
Wiley Shelter (At passes in front of Wiley Shelter; water available from pump on AT 0.1 mi N of)
Ten Mile River Lean-to (Water available at pump 0.1 mi north along the AT at a water pump--gb, 154)
Morgan Stewart Memorial Shelter (Trail from shelter leads downhill 400 ft to a well--gb, 58; privy is 200 ft from)
William Brien Memorial Shelter (AT reaches shelter; spring-fed well is 250 ft to E on blue-blazed trail; may fai)
RPH Shelter (Side tr leads E to shelter; water and privy available; located at AT crossing of)
Fingerboard Shelter (No water; water from Lake Tiorati 0.5 mi east, or faucet (summer only) at Tiorat)
Brink Road Shelter (Spring is 350 ft behind shelter; a blue blazed trail leads to privy on opposite)
Mashipacong Shelter (AT reaches Mashipacong Shelter-gb, 161; water from pump 0.2 mi north along AT at)
Gren Anderson Shelter (Spring is 200 ft beyond shelter--gb, 162)
Wawayanda Shelter (For water go 0.1 mi north on AT, then 0.3 mi E on blue-blazed tr to Wawayanda St)
Wildcat Shelter (Spring, well and hand pump; pump operational April to November, only; privy, fir)
Bake Oven Knob Shelter (Shelter and Campsite are to E, just below AT--gb, 82)
Allentown Shelter (A spring is nearby--gb, 87)
Windsor Furnace Shelter (Spring and outhouse are nearby--gb, 87)
George W. Outerbridge Shelter (AT passes shelter on W side of trail; AT passes piped spring in 105 yds--gb, 83)
Birch Run Shelters (AT passes twin Birch Run shelters on E side of footpath; spring is on W side of)
Toms Run Shelters (AT arrives at the twin Toms Run Shelters; spring is behind shelters--gb, 196)
James Fry Shelter (Spring is 100 ft beyond shelter--gb, 180)
Alec Kennedy Shelter (Spring on side trail behind shelter may be dry; water from stream 0.5 mi S on AT)
Darlington Shelter (A spring is approx. 0.25 mi from the shelter--gb, 151)
Cove Mountain Shelter (Intermittent spring is 400 ft down mountain from shelter on blue-blazed trail--g)
Clarks Ferry Shelter (A reliable piped spring is 600 ft from the shelter--gb, 138)
Peters Mountain Shelter (Spring is 275 yds down blue-blazed trail on north side of the mountain (W of AT))
Rausch Gap Shelter (On state game lands, is for use of through hikers only; has reliable spring and)
501 Shelter (Fully enclosed, water, port-a-potty (in season); there is a caretaker year round)
William Penn Shelter (A two-story structure w/ two sleeping levels; the second level is a loft w/ wind)
Eagles Nest Shelter (Yeich Spring is nearby-gb, 102; water source is creek that is crossed on the way)
Mt. Algo Lean-to (Water is available near shelter--gb, 151; privy nearby; camping near shelter; no)
Tumbling Run Shelters (Tumbling Run Shelters are 30 yds to W of AT--gb, 205)
Antietam Shelter (AT reaches Antietam Shelter to E--gb, 205)
Deer Lick Shelters (AT passes Deer Lick Shelters and spring on the E; a second spring is 0.25 mi on)
Rocky Run Shelter (Seasonal spring--gb, 85)
Pine Knob Shelter (Spring nearby; numerous good campsites near shelter--gb, 75)
Devils Racecourse Shelter (There is a spring nearby--Companion 2000, 80)
Rocky Mountain Shelters (Same trail leading from AT to Rocky Mtn Shelters continues 0.26 to PA 233, then)
Quarry Gap Shelters (AT arrives at twin Quarry Gap Shelters; spring is located 10 yds north of shelte)
Crampton Gap Shelter (Intermittent spring--gb, 88; water at Gathland State Park--gb, 85)
Rod Hollow Shelter (Shelter has spring, privy, and sheltered picnic table and hearthgb, 136)
Sam Moore Shelter (Shelter has a privy, fireplace, and sheltered picnic table--gb, 136)
Bears Den Hostel (ATC owns/operates; for use by hikers and travelers; fee charged)
Blackburn Trail Center (PATC work center and recreation site/camping/primitive cabin/water/solar shower/)
David Lesser Shelter (Sheltered picnic table, fireplace, and privy; spring is quarter mile down hill--)
Manassas Gap Shelter (A blue-blazed trail leads 70 yds E to Manassas Gap Shelter and spring--gb, 150)
Dick's Dome Shelter (Privy is on hillside a short distance above; taking water from the creek is not)
Pine Swamp Brook Lean-to (Water nearby, privy, several good tent sites--gb, 141)
Stewart Hollow Brook Lean-to (Privy nearby, campsites, no fires permitted; water located on AT S of shelter--g)
Eckville Shelter (Shelter is 0.2 miles by following blue blazes along road to shelter--gb, 91)
High Point Shelter (Water is available from stream before shelter--gb, 153.)
Pochuck Mountain Shelter (Water from hand pump located 0.4 mile to the south on AT, at crossing of Wallkil)
Mt. Wilcox North Lean-to (Poor swampy water supply in nearby brook, may go dry in summer. Privy nearby--gb)
Niday Shelter (Blue-blazed trail leads 50 feet E to Niday Shelter; water from stream on W of AT)
War Spur Shelter (Shelter is 100 ft W of AT with water from stream--gb, 260)
Rice Field Shelter (Alt. 3400'--db, 49; Water is a steep 0.5 mi downhill--Companion, 53)
Pine Swamp Branch Shelter (Water is available from Pine Swamp Branch 150 yds to W of AT--gb, 269)
Laurel Creek Shelter (Water is available 100 yds north on AT from Laurel Creek--gb, 253)
Bailey Gap Shelter (Seasonal spring, across trail from shelter, may be dry in summer--gb, 259)
Fontana Dam Shelter (AT passes picnic area and side trail leading E 300 ft to Fontana Dam Shelter--gb)
Sassafras Gap Shelter (A spring is located behind the shelter--gb, 89-90)
Brown Fork Gap Shelter (Privy is located below shelter--gb, 84; spring is downhill to right of shelter)
Cold Spring Shelter (Shelter and spring are on AT; Campsites are on ridge above shelter--gb, 97)
Wesser Bald Shelter (Water is available from spring 0.1 mi S on the AT(near sharp turn) and then 125)
A. Rufus Morgan Shelter (Shelter is 200 ft to E of AT; stream on W of AT--gb, 93)
Cosby Knob Shelter (Spring nearby--gb, 48)
Davenport Gap Shelter (Spring is nearby--gb, 48)
Icewater Spring Shelter (AT reaches Icewater Spring Shelter, to E of trail--gb,44; Spring is north of she)
Double Spring Gap Shelter (This gap is named for two unreliable springs, one on each slope--gb, 54)
Silers Bald Shelter (AT edge of woods near shelter, side trail leads 100 yds W to spring--gb, 55)
Derrick Knob Shelter (Spring is 50 yds W (on Tennessee slope)--gb, 56)
Spence Field Shelter (Privy and spring are nearby--gb, 61)
Russell Field Shelter (Spring is 150 yds W on Russell Field Trail toward Cades Cove--gb, 57)
Mollies Ridge Shelter (Spring is nearby--gb, 57)
Stan Murray Shelter (Alt. 5050'; AT reaches shelter in Low Gap; spring is 100 yds E of AT on blue bla)
Overmountain Shelter (Shelter is known on some trail maps as Yellow Mountain Barn; water available--gb)
Apple House Shelter (Level ground near the shelter provides a good space for tents; water nearby--gb,)
Roan High Knob Shelter (Alt. 6285'; Highest shelter on AT, originally a fire warden's cabin, spring w/in)
Clyde Smith Shelter (Spring is 100 yds beyond shelter--gb, 118)
Cherry Gap Shelter (Spring is in hollow on blue blazed trail 250 ft W--gb, 130)
Curley Maple Gap Shelter (Spring is 100 ft to right of shelter)
No Business Knob Shelter (Alt. 3180'; No water at shelter; nearest water is 400 yds S on AT--gb, 137)
Bald Mountain Shelter (Area around shelter is too fragile for camping; spring is 50' off side trail fro)
Hogback Ridge Shelter (Water is 440 ydswest of shelter; latrine is 300 ft E of shelter--gb, 153)
Little Laurel Shelter (Blue blazed trail to W bears diagonally 100 yds to spring--gb, 164)
Jerry Cabin (Side trail opposite shelter leads 100 yds to good spring--gb, 166)
Flint Mountain Shelter (Latrine is 75 feet from shelter--gb, 167; water is on AT, just N of shelter)
Jenkins Shelter (Water is about 100 yds beyond shelter on blue-blazed trail--gb, 72)
Jenny Knob Shelter (Spring is beyond shelter on blue-blazed trail--gb, 64)
Wapiti Shelter (Water from nearby Dismal Creek--gb, 45)
Doc's Knob Shelter (AT passes Doc's Knob Shelter, with nearby spring--gb, 47)
Knot Maul Branch Shelter (Intermittent spring is 300 ft to left of shelter; water 0.2 mi N of shelter on A)
Racoon Branch Shelter (Water from nearby spring--gb, 105; Water is in front of the shelter--2000 Compan)
Trimpi Shelter (Water from nearby spring--gb, 105; Water is in front of the shelter--2000 Compan)
Partnership Shelter (Shelter has shower and laundry sink; privy nearby--gb, 15;)
Chatfield Shelter (Water available from stream in front of shelter--gb, 98)
Davis Path Shelter (No water at shelter--gb, 85; Water available 0.9 mi S of shelter, off AT--gb, 90)
Chestnut Knob Shelter (No water at shelter; water located 1.3 mi N and 1.8 mi S of shelter--gb, 78-79)
Wise Shelter (Water available from spring 100 yards south of shelter; privy nearby--gb, 125)
Old Orchard Shelter (Spring is 100 yds to W of AT in woods--gb, 126)
Abingdon Gap Shelter (Spring located in hollow 275 yds behind shelter on blue blazed trail--gb, 50)
The Place (Hostel is at rear of Damascus United Methodist Church--gb, 138)
Thomas Knob Shelter (Spring is E of AT, behind shelter, in fenced area--gb, 123)
Holiday Inn (AT passes small log shelter, built in 1934; no water; emergency shelter for 3 or)
Lost Mountain Shelter (AT reaches Lost Mountain Shelter; spring 150 yds from shelter; privy nearby--gb,)
Saunders Shelter (Blue blazed trail leads 150 yds beyond shelter to spring--gb, 137)
Double Springs Shelter (Shelter on W side of AT in draw; spring is 100 yds down draw--gb, 55)
Watauga Lake Shelter (Water available--gb, 69)
Iron Mountain Shelter (No water at shelter; water located 0.2 mi S of shelter on AT--gb, 62)
Vandeventer Shelter (Water is 0.5 mi W on side trail; behind shelter cliffs allow view across Watauga)
Laurel Fork Shelter (Water available 150 ft from shelter--gb, 75)
Moreland Gap Shelter (Alt. 3813'; spring is short distance down hollow opposite shelter--gb, 92)
Spring Mountain Shelter (Alt.3300'; spring is 75 yds down NC side, opposite shelter--gb, 172)
Deer Park Mountain Shelter (Halfway to shelter on side trail is spring;usually requires cleaning due to slow)
Roaring Fork Shelter (Spring and outhouse are nearby--gb, 186)
Walnut Mountain Shelter (Walnut Mtn Shelter is not mentioned in the guidebook)
Groundhog Creek Shelter (Water available at stream 100 yds from shelter--gb, 191)
Siler Bald Shelter (Located on 1.1 mi blue-blazed loop trail; spring is 300 ft south of shelter on t)
Big Spring Shelter (Spring (usually reliable) is 75 ft from shelter--gb, 108)
Rock Gap Shelter (Water from usually reliable spring--gb, 104)
Carter Gap Shelter (new) (Blue blazes lead E to new shelter; water from spring on side trail to W, behind)
Woods Hole Shelter (No water at shelter; spring (may be dry) is midway between AT and shelter; relia)
Blood Mountain Shelter (Blood Mtn Shelter may be closed in future, check w/ USFS or ATC; no water--gb, 1)
Low Gap Shelter (Spring is nearby--gb, 138, 142)
Blue Mountain Shelter (Water supply for shelter is about 0.1 mi S of shelter on W side of AT--2000 Comp)
Tray Mountain Shelter (Spring is approx 800 ft downhill to right of shelter--gb, 134)
Deep Gap Shelter (Spring is on side trail betweeen AT and shelter--gb, 134)
Plumorchard Gap Shelter (Shelter has water; a second spring is located 0.1 mi from AT on side trail to W)
Muskrat Creek Shelter (Stream adjacent to shelter; a latrine is uphill to left of shelter--gb, 112)
Standing Indian Shelter (The stream near shelter has been reliable--gb, 104)
Carter Gap Shelter (old) (The old Carter Gap shelter is still in use; spring is downhill behind shelter--g)
Pass Mountain Hut (Hut for use of long distance AT hikers only; spring is a few feet behind hut--gb)
Gravel Springs Hut (Gravel Springs Hut is 0.2 mi south of Gravel Springs Gap and another 0.2 mi dow)
Paul C. Wolfe Shelter (Shelter is on W side of AT; water available from Mill Creek--gb, 38)
Pinefield Hut (Hut is available to long-distance hikers only; spring is behind hut--gb, 180)
Hightop Hut (Hut is to be used by long-distance hikers only; spring is 400 ft downhill from h)
Bearfence Mountain Hut (Spring 50 ft to right of hut is often dry by late summer; hut is for use of long)
Maupin Field Shelter (Several tentsites; water from spring 50 ft behind shelter--gb, 45)
Harpers Creek Shelter (A large creek runs in front of the shelter; in droughts go upstream and find wat)
The Priest Shelter (Ample spring water (unprotected source) at site--gb, 55; Tent spaces are availab)
Boy Scout Shelter (Seasonal spring in front of shelter is usually dry in summer--gb, 229)
Catawba Mountain Shelter (Spring is near shelter, on blue-blazed trail to W of AT--gb, 229)
Campbell Shelter (A spring is nearby--gb, 229)
Lamberts Meadow Shelter (Water from stream 50 yds below shelter--gb, 230)
Wilson Creek Shelter (Water from stream 200 yds in front of shelter--gb, 209; camping below shelter--g)
Fullhardt Knob Shelter (Water from cistern (unreliable); spring is 0.4 mi N on AT then 350 ft (unblazed))
Bobblets Gap Shelter (Unprotected spring is nearby, may be low after long dry spells--gb, 200)
Cove Mountain Shelter (No convienent water at shelter--gb, 187)
Cornelius Creek Shelter (Water from unprotected springs; campsites nearby--gb, 172)
Bryant Ridge Shelter (Ample water--gb, 172)
Thunder Hill Shelter (Walled-in spring (unprotected) is to W side of AT, 70 ft S of shelter--gb, 162)
Matts Creek Shelter (AT reaches shelter just N of wooden bridge--gb, 145)
Punchbowl Shelter (Spring (unprotected) in front of shelter, about 50 ft downstream from pond outle)
Johns Hollow Shelter (Between creek and unprotected spring--gb, 117; Use stream for water, not the spr)
Brown Mountain Creek Shelter (Two unprotected springs are near shelter--gb, 99)
Seeley-Woodworth Shelter (Water from unprotected spring 0.1 mi beyond shelter on blue-blazed trail--gb, 71)
Jim & Molly Denton Shelter (Facilities include porch, privy, spring, shower, covered picnic table, fireplace)
Tom Floyd Wayside Shelter (Lies 0.2 mi uphill from Ginger Spring--gb, 162)
Cable Gap Shelter (Adjacent spring. A privy is close to shelter--gb, 80.)
Mt. Collins Shelter (Spring nearby gb, 232)
Pecks Corner Shelter (Spring nearby gb, 213)
Helveys Mill Shelter (Water nearby on blue blaze trail--gb, 60, 62.)
Cow Camp Shelter (Has two unprotected springs--gb, 89; Campsites nearby--gb, 84)
Calf Mountain Shelter (Spring nearby. Also, PATC shelter 0.1 mile away as well.)
Gooch Mountain Shelter (A spring is approx 0.2 mi S of shelter, directly on the AT--gb, 157)
Springer Mountain Shelter (Spring nearby, but water might be scarce in dry weather--gb, 167)
Hawk Mountain Shelter (Water can be found about 400 yds behind shelter--gb, 169)
Stover Creek Shelter (Water can be acquired from Stover Creek--JK)
The Birches Shelters (Designated shelters for thru-hikers only!)