This is my planned alternate NOBO John Muir Trail Hike with campsites and resupply locations for 2017 JMT Hike.
NOBO Day 9 (Woods Creek Camp to Upper Basin Camp)
NOBO Day 11 (Upper Basin Camp to Middle Fork Camp)
NOBO Day 12 (Middle Fork Trail Camp to Evolution Lake Camp)
NOBO Day 22 (Lyell Fork Bridge to Tuolumne Meadow EXIT JMT)
NOBO Day 21 (Thousand Island Lake Camp to Lyell Fork Bridge Camp)
NOBO Day 20 (Rosalie Lakes Camp to Thousand Island Lakes Camp)
NOBO Day 1 (Horseshoe Meadows Camp to Chicken Springs Lake Camp)
NOBO Day 2 (Chicken Springs Lake Camp to Rock Creek Camp)
NOBO Day 3 (Rock Creek Camp to Crabtree Ranger Station Camp)
NOBO Day 4 - Summit Whitney BACK (Crabtree Ranger Station to Mount Whitney Summit)
NOBO Day 5 (Crabtree Ranger Station Camp to Tyndall Frog Ponds Camp)
NOBO Day 6 (Tyndall Frog Ponds Camp to Vidette Meadows Camp)
NOBO Day 7 (Vidette Meadows Camp to Onion Valley Campground / Mt. Williamson Hostel)
NOBO Day 10 (Middle Rae Lakes Camp to Woods Creek Camp)
NOBO Day 13A (Muir Trail Ranch Spur - Sallie Keys Cutoff RESUPPLY)
NOBO Day 13 (Evolution Lake Camp to Muir Trail Ranch Junction - Sallie Keys Cutoff Spur)
NOBO Day 8 (Onion Valley Campground to Middle Rae Lakes Camp)
NOBO Day 14 (Muir Trail Ranch Camp to Sallie Keys Camp)
NOBO Day 16 (Bear Creek Camp to Silver Pass Camp)
NOBO Day 15 (Sallie Keys Camp to Bear Creek Camp)
NOBO Day 17 (Silver Pass Camp to Lake Virginia Camp)
NOBO Day 18 (Lake Virginia Camp to Reds Meadow RESUPPLY)
NOBO Day 19 (Reds Meadow Camp to Rosalie Lakes Camp)
C.02.01 - Tuolumne Meadows Backpackers Campground (022.8)
C.13.02 - Trail Camp (214.8)
Crabtree Ranger Station (Ranger Station)
C.12.08 - Tyndall Frog Ponds Camp (194.8)
C.12.22 - Guitar Lake Camp (205.8)
C.09.01 - Upper Basin Camp (152.1)
C.10.05 - Woods Creek Camp (165.5)
C.10.16 - Middle Rae Lake Camp (174.8)
C.11.08 - Vidette Meadows Camp (181.5)
C.08.27 - Middle Fork Trail Camp (140.3)
C.04.03 - Thousand Island Lake Camp (043.2)
C.04.15 - Rosalie Lakes Camp (050.7)
C.05.06 - Lake Virginia Camp (074.4)
C.06.01 - Silver Pass Lake Camp (082.4)
C.06.15 - Bear Creek Camp (094.8)
C.07.03 - Sallie Keys Camp (103.4)
C.07.36 - Evolution Lake Camp (123.1)
C.02.13 - Lyell Fork Bridge Camp (034.4)
Sunrise Camp
J.WhPort (220.8)
LT.RdsMR - Reds Meadow Resupply (059.2)
MuirTR - Muir Trail Ranch Resupply (107.9)