Tramway (04/15/17 With big Lockheed group)
18 Browns Creek (Where tents got went.)
17 Dry Creek
16 Silver Creek (Great spot in old growth forest after tough climb)
15 Pine Creek (With Nathan)
14  (With Glen)
Jacks River (10/9/2014 first solo in Georgia)
Payne Creek (5/17/2014)
Mt. Massive (6/20/2014 with Andrew DiSalle)
South Citico Creek (3/17/2016 with Jackson Gilbert on spring break. Location approximate)
11 Holy Cross Saddle
10 Camp Hale
9 Guller Creek (Location Approximate)
7 and 8 Miners Creek (On trail zero day.)
6 Creek (With Willias. Timelapse)
5 Deadman Creek
4 Marsh (Find Willias)
3 Aspen Meadow with Creek
2 Raleigh Peak
1 Bear Creek
Geneva Lake (9/3/2016 with Calin and Julia Nemes)
21 Shelter
22 Cameron Park (Cows)
23 Lujan Creek
24 Cochetopa Creek
25 Upper Cochetopa Creek
26 Middle Mineral Creek
28 Cataract Lake
29 Elk Creek
31 Cascade Creek
32 Straight Creek
33 Overlook
34 Dry Camp
Thomas Creek (9/2/2014 with Nick)
Conasauga River (9/26/2014 with Roommates)
North Citico Creek (3/18/2016 with Jackson Gilbert. Location approximate)
Cohutta Mountain Loop (4/11/2015 solo)
Buffalo River 1 (5/12/2015 First night of Buffalo River check out trip. Location approximate.)
Buffalo River 2 (5/13/2016 Second night of buffalo river check out trip. Location approximate.)
Buffalo River 3 (5/14/2015 Third night of Buffalo River check out trip. The Slatey Place. )
Linville Gorge 1 (10/11/2016 Linville Gorge on the cliff with Ben and Nick)
Linville Gorge 2 (10/12/2015 Linville River with Ben and Nick. location approximate.)
Rough Ridge (11/14/2015 with Nick when he got sick.)
Colorado Trail Volunteer (5/20/2016 and 5/21/2016. CT Volunteer Crew.)
Lost Creek (6/3/2016 "Off Trail" camping by Lost Creek.)
Goose Creek (5/4/2016 Second night of Lost Creek Loop.)
Medano Pass (5/28/2016 Car Camping with Eli on Memorial Day.)
Dry Creek (5/29/2016 "Car Camping" with Eli on Memorial Day.)
South Colony Lakes (6/25/2016 for Humbolt Peak with Abishek Mureli. )
Shingle Lake (7/1/2016 Flattop Wilderness night 1)
Marvine Lake (7/2/2016 Second night of Flattop Wilderness)
Fawn Creek (7/3/2016 Third night of Flattops Wilderness. Location approximate.)
Snowmass Lake (7/15/2016 Four pass loop)
West Maroon Creek (7/16/2016 Four pass loop night 2)
La Plata (7/23/2016 La Plata with Rachel and Peter)
Fravert Basin (8/12/2016 Four pass loop with eli)
Buckskin (8/13/2016 Four pass loop with eli night 2)
Deluge Lake (8/20/2016 Before Valhalla Peak.)
Capitol Lake (8/26/2016 and 8/27/2016 site 8. Before Daly peak and then with Mike, Carissa, and Jon before Capitol Peak.)
Chicago Lake (10/21/16 For Gray Wolf Mountain)
Shavano Tabeguache Trailhead (5/28/2017)
Mt. Yale (7/21/17)
Matterhorn Creek (6/30/17 - 7/3/17)
Horn Fork Basin (6/2/17-6/3/17 With Sam Dyas)
Belford (With Myles Iribarne)