Ice & Rock Climbs within 7 hours of Detroit
Aurora Borealis 25m Gr 4+
Blue Advenjure 100m Gr3
Gilgamesh, Km13 Mile 38 Rd craig area
Hungry Man
Intersection Rock
Mile 38 All about Go
Mile 38 Km14 climbs
Mile 38 Km19
Mile 38 Km4 climbs
Parking for Aurora
Ranger lake climb
Ranger lake start tr
Roadside 30m Gr2+
Tower Road climbs
Nearby Ice wall 5m Gr2+
Hill Top ice wall 50-70m
Nobody's Fool 20m Gr2+
Debut 30m Gr3
Elemental Ugliness 30m Gr3
Xenon 50m Gr3+
Slabogasted 12m Gr3
Slaborama 12m Gr2+
Blind Date 5m Gr3
Unfaithful 15m Gr5
Lil Buddy 15m Gr3
Gilligan Gr5 15m
Skipper 15m Gr4+
Panama Wall Rock Climbs
M.E.T. 30m Gr 3+
Forget Me Knot 30m Gr2+
Blue Adventure 15m Gr3
Just enough 30m Gr3+
Mother of Pearl 22m Gr4+
Who stole my 15m Gr3
Cobra 8m Gr3
Kinda Fun 8m Gr3
Lonely Bluff 10m Gr 2+
Spittin Beaver 30m Gr2+
Chimo Minor 30m Gr3
Awausee Me 25m Gr 3
Chimo Major 40m Gr3
School House 20m Gr 3-4
Scottish Gulley 50m Gr2-3
Another Gulley
Ice mounds 50m Gr2-3
Havilland Ice Climb ???
Searchmont Ice Climb (follow the Sled trail East from Parking lot past the ski lifts 2km)
Go Go Beaver 30m Gr3
Breaking all the Rules 45m Gr3
Robertson Cliffs rock Climbs
Superior park Cliffs
Parking lot ??
Cumming's Lake Cliffs Climbs (rock climbing)
Agawa Canyon Climbing Area mile marker 112 (Huge Ice climbing area too many climbs to list)
Cliffs ???
Entrance to Mile 38 road off Hwy 17 (1km from Chippewa Falls)
mt view cliffs ???
Ranwick road Parking ??
Ranwick Wall Rock Climbs
River Bend Rock climbs Km9
Keetes Bluff Climbs
Montreal River Ice Climbs ??
ice Climbs?????
ice climbs????
Cliffs ????
Tahquamenon Ice Climbs
cliffs ???
Rock climbing cliffs
Cerro De Hielo marker 8km (25+ climbs)
Carp river road - Cerro De Hielo
Ice climbs 25+
Umbrellas 50m Gr2-3
Zombice 10m Gr3
Notorious for Wolverines Gr3 40m
Lauzon ice 20m Gr3
intersection rock ice climbs
Non stick coating Gr3+ 50m
Isolation Gr3+ 60m
twisted staircase gr3+
parking raven lake
raven lake one
raven lake two
raven lake three
Trails End Gr4 75m
Primavera Gr3+ 120m
Comfortably Numb Gr4 130m
Exasperator Gr5 75m
Solo Menagerie Gr5 110m
Steps to Rama Gr4 140m
Saranova Gr3+ 100m
Dano's Gully Gr3+ 65m
B&M Tuckeravine Gr4 120m
Borer's falls Gr2 12m
Tews Falls Gr2-4 25-50m
Webster Falls Gr3+ 15m
Tiffany Falls Gr3-4 15m
Felker's Falls Gr 3+ 20m
hwy 403 ice falls Gr3+ 20m
Devil's punch bowl Gr3-4 20m
Albion falls Gr2+ 20m
Buttermilk falls Gr3-4 20m
Ball's Falls Gr4 25m
5 climbs Elora gorge 12m Gr 3-4
Ma Mie Gr3 12m
Scary pillar Gr4 12m
Eugenia falls Gr4 20m
This ain't no Disco Gr3+ 20m
nightmare gulley Gr3+
3 climbs skeleton lake 12 m
3 climbs long bay 12-20 m Gr3
north cliff 4 climbs Gr3-4 30m
south cliff 4 climbs Gr 3 30m
Lawson creek craig 2 climbs Gr3 25m
Crown of thorns Gr3+ 25m
4 climbs 20m fish lake
Blue pillar Gr4 40m
2 climbs Gr2 20m
Maple Bury Gr3 25m
sled parking little hawk ??
overbite gr5 25m
a great notion gr4 25m
Black cat Hill 6 climbs 25-45m Gr 3-4
McCauley Lake climbs over 12 20-50m
Parking McCauley Lake
Wiarton climbs 15-20m Gr3+-5
parking Sherborne lake
Sherborne lake climbs 12 Gr3-5
Highlander ??
clear lake climbs Gr3-4 25m
parking clear lake climbs
Oxtongue Lake climbs 4 Gr3-4 20-50m
parking algonquin outfitters
parking livingstone lake
Livingstone lake climbs 20-50m gr3+-M7
Bear Lake climbs Gr4 - M7 80m
parking mill lake
Mill lake climbs 4 climbs Gr4 50m
Mile 38 Rd, Km 17 Aman Tah
Divine Encounter, Km13 Mile 38 Rd
Diamond Lake Ice Craig 12+ climbs
diamond lake parking
Spray Falls Gr4 25m
Bridalveil Falls Gr4 50m
Trout Bay ice climbs craig
Parking-access Grand Island
East Channel Curtains
Bird's Eye view Gr3 60m
Overbite Gr3-5 40m
East Trout Bay climbs
West Shore climbs
Tannery Falls climbs
Dryer Hose -Life's a pitch
The Curtains
Sweet Mother Moses
Miners Falls
Mosquito Falls
Chapel Falls
Sand Point Parking
Parking Miners Castle point
Seeping Wall
The Freedom Years
Miner Lake Falls
Burl falls
Sugar Bush Falls
The Grotto
Potato Patch Falls
Flaming Stink Socks
the white line that Won
Y Climb
the Yellow Smear
Singing in the Rain.
Overhanging Wall
Burr on a Boat
Twin Towers / Snowcone
Mixed Master
The Wall
The Rim
Khione Boreas
Rappin Ice
Strawberry Daze
Udder Delight
Yellow Curtain
Midnight Rambler
The good the bad and the ugly
the curtain climb
Mini Me
Ellsicicle ice climb
Bow Lake Ice Climbing Craig
Eagles Nest Ice climbing
Bitter lake ice climb
Haliburton Ice climbs
Bon Echo Ice Craig
Papineau Lake ice climb
Papineau North Ice climb
Kluke Ice Climb
Forks of Credit Ice climb
Lion's Head Rock Climbing area
Indian Ladder rock climbing area
White bluff rock climbing
Halfway log Dump Bouldering
Old Baldy rock climbing area
Metcalf rock climbing area
The swamp rock climbing area
Devils Glen rock climbing area
Bronte creek falls Gr 2 20m
Grand Ledge Rock climbing area
Kelso rock climbing area
Mount Nemo rock climbing area
Rattlesnake point rock climbing area
Bottle glass rock climbing area
Buffalo craig rock climbing area
Starved Rock ice climbing area
Long lake ice climbing
Norwich trap hills cliffs
Laughing white fish falls ice climb
Sturgeon river falls
Silver mountain
Victoria dam climbs
Peabody ice climbing club 40ft
Planet Rock Climbing Gym Ann Arbor
Planet rock & ice Gym Madison Heights
Inside moves Climbing Gym
Windsor Climbing Gym
Climb kalamazoo Gym
Joe Rock Head's climbing gym
Basecamp climbing gym
The rock Oasis Climbing Gym