Perseid Meteor Shower Viewing
Day 1 (9 miles from the TH)
Day 2 (7 miles from Gem Lake)
Alternate Route (This is between .8 & 1 mile shorter then the Yellow route and it may be easier. Getting down to Five Acre Lake may be a little challenging. It also misses Yellowhammer Lake.)
Day 3 (3 easy miles. This Map shows a "Packer" trail leaving Big Lake North of the canyon we used. It probably is close to where we camped.)
Day 4 Option B (8.5 miles Hyatt to Gem Lake Then Day 1 in reverse.)
Day 4 (8 Miles, There are switchbacks between Rosasco Lake & Louse Canyon. I'd vote for a Lay-Over Day at Hyatt)
Day 5 (4 Miles, There is a climb out of Pine Valley but IDK that it is any worse then the route from Gem Lake.)
3rd Night (I'd vote for having a Lay-Over Day at Hyatt.)
1st night (9.5 to Gem Lake.)