Motorcycle: Approach Road
Boy Scout (non-technical)
Boy Scout: Approach Rd
Devils Drain: Approach
N. Boy Scout Canyon (exit)
Hike to Petroglyphs
Boy Scout:Approach
Hike to Hot Springs
Black Canyon (Colorado River):Hike to Gauger Station
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop:Descent Weeping Springs
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop:Packraft
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop:Ascent BigHorn
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop:Approach
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop:Exit
Boy Scout:Exit
Boy Scout:Descent
Ringpin Canyon:Descent
Ringpin Canyon:Exit (Crane Nest Wash)
Ringpin Canyon:Paddle Downstream
Ringpin Canyon:Road
Ringpin Canyon: (4WD)
Motorcycle:Alt Approach Rd.
Motorcycle:Descent to River
Motorcycle:Exit (Goldstrike)
Secret Canyon (Nevada):Packraft Downstream
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Shuttle (Optional)
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Exit
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Descent Quarry
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Ascent Sheepbone
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Connection
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Approach
Spooky Canyon:Approach
Spooky Canyon:Descent
Utah Ave
Devils Drain: Descent
White Owl Canyon:Approach
White Owl Canyon:Descent

Goldstrike Canyon TH
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop
Secret Canyon (Nevada)
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop
Spooky Canyon
Devils Drain Canyon
White Owl Canyon
AZ Hot Springs
Hot Springs
Hot Springs
Devil's Drain-Hot Springs
Nevada Hot Springs
Sauna Cave
Two Signs
Hot Springs
White Rock
Devil's Drain
Weeping Springs Cove
Balanced Rock
Cranes Nest
Emerald Pools
Emerald Cave
Rice Weed
Gauger House
Boy Scout
Secret Canyon
Black Canyon Cave
Arizona Hot Springs Camp
AZ Hot Springs-Upper
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop:Parking
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop:Base of Bighorn
Weeping Springs-Bighorn:Exit
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop:Top of Weeping Springs
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop:First Rappel
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop:Packraft Landing
Weeping Springs and Bighorn Canyons Loop:Final Rappel
Boy Scout:Rim Entry
Boy Scout:Parking
Boy Scout:15ft dryfall
Ringpin Canyon:Connection
Ringpin:Packraft landing
Ringpin:Rap 1
Willow Beach
Ringpin Canyon:Parking (4WD)
Ringpin Canyon:Parking (2WD)
Motorcycle Canyon:Dropin
Goldstrike Hot Springs
Secret:Parking (Kingman Wash)
Secre:Packraft Landing
Secret Canyon:Rap 1 (60')
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Parking Exit
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Fork
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Last Rappel
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Narrows
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:First Climb
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Parking Approach
Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop:Bathrooms
Spooky Canyon:First side canyon
Spooky Canyon:Second side canyon
Spooky Canyon:Third side canyon
Spooky Canyon:First pour-over
Spooky Canyon:Second pour-over
Spooky Canyon:Slide under fence
Devils Drain Canyon:extRaod58-58A (Intersection of Lake Mead Backcountry Roads 58 and 58A. Road 58 (Canyon Point Road) continues southeast. Follow Road 58 is you are going out to the top of Weeping Spring Canyon. Raod 58A (Canyon Point Mesa Road) turns off and travels north. Follow Road 58A if you are driving into the top of Devils Drain Canyon. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:yDevilsDrainTp (Top of Devils Drain Canyon. This is an arbitrary point shortly above rap 1 which is through an arach in the water course. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:Rap 1 (Rap 1 - Devils Drain Canyon. Rap 1 is on top of the natural bridge over the water course; is anchored from a cairn anchor and drops down through a hole in the top of the bridge about 75 feet down to the canyon floor. After dropping through the hole the rest of the rappel is free hanging. )
Devils Drain Canyon:dDevlsDrnR2 (Rap 2 - Devils Drain Canyon. Anchored from a large boulder LDC about 20 feet back and drops about 15 feet. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:dDevlsDrnR3 (Rap 3 - Devils Drain Canyon. Anchored from a boulder a few feet back from the drop and drops a total of about 140 feet over two stages. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:dDevlsDrnR4 (Rap 4 - Devils Drain Canyon. Is about 350 feet down canyon of rap 3; is anchored from a large rock in the wash and drops about 100 feet over two stages. The first stage is mostly vertical wall and the second stage is a 20 foot drop. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:wDevlsDrnRP06 (A few other side drainages / ravines drop in and the route turns left to continue down canyon to the east. This is also very close to a point labeled on some maps as Lone Rock. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:wDevlsDrnRP07 (A couple 15 foot drops to downclimb / scramble. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:wDevlsDrnRP08 (A drop of about 25 feet that you can get down by carefully and slowly sliding down (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:wDevlsDrnRP09 (A small waterfall on the RDC side and the vegetation begins to get VERY thick. This is also where the water course turns left and begins to travel to the east again. To save yourself some serious bushwhacking cut up the LDC side of the canyon and go up and over a short slope to bypass the thick vegetation in the wash; then walk along the less vegetated LDC (north) bank up out of the main wash. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:wDevlsDrnRP10 (Where you drop back into the wash. There will be heavy vegetation again since the hot springs water is flowing steadily there. But there is plenty of clear space to walk along the water course enjoying warm water on your feet. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:wDevlsDrnRP11 (Small water fall of about 8 feet that is easily bypassed on the LDC side. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:jDevilsConf (A confluence in Devils Drain Canyon. Another fork joins in from RDC (south). (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:yDevilsDrainBt (Bottom of Devils Drain Canyon where it ends at a beach along the Colorado River. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:lRingboltBeach (Out houses put here and is a good camp area just below the Arizona Hot Springs (Ringbolt Hot Spring). This is slighlty downstream of Ringbolt Rapids. (Data by
Devils Drain Canyon:tWhiteRockCyn (White Rock Canyon Trailhead. Used to access the Arizona Hot Springs (Ringbolt Hot Springs). (Data by
White Owl Canyon:Parking
White Owl Canyon:Lakebed Flats
White Owl Canyon:Turning into Canyon
White Owl Canyon:Canyon Narrows
White Owl Canyon:Fork in Canyon
White Owl Canyon:First Culvert
White Owl Canyon:Second Culvert
White Owl Canyon:End
Death Pit Canyon
Arizona Hot Springs
Colorado River
White Rock Trailhead