buckthorn Galligator
base of petes hill
City Land Buckthorn
Bozeman creek
Mt Ellis Buckthorn (State land at base of Mt. Ellis: lat: 45.623, long -110.966;)
possible FWP land
Gardner city park (not reported but likely)
possible - Glen Lake Park
L+C Co. Fairgrounds
other side of fairgrounds
Townsend Dump (REported here )
Campground - check near here
archie bray? Less wet here
Reported: Fred robinson
reported buckthorn
not reported: potential on public land
reported: Choteau city park
report on private land, 3 mi north on river
Glasgow. Along milk, and small streams feeding it.
reported: Riverfront park
reported: two moon park
SW of Hamilton???
Extension record: wibaux
Coordinates good: Clearcut and adjacent logging road
Found in riverbottom in Harlowtown
Few in Forest; Columbus
Wolf point: growing as lawn weeds
Baker. Tree in Yard.
Miles City: tree in yard
Butte: 2 collections
Laurel: no info
Roundup: tree in yard
Sidney: tree in yard
Cascade county?
Pondera Co?
Carbon Co?
Sheridan Co?
Lake County?