Started a four day backpacking trip from the Palm Springs Tram. Day 1: Hiked to the Tamarack Valley campground and set up camp. Day-hiked from there to the summits of Yale Peak and Harvard Peak. Day 2: Backpacked over to Little Round Valley via the old Tamarack Trail, the day-hiked down to Lily Spring to get water. Day 3: Day-hiked to the summits of Joyce Peak and Mount St. Ellens ( both are 10160+ ft, colloquial names) the followed the drainage down to the source of Bed Springs where we discovered the actual bed springs from an old camp. Day 4: Hiked back to the tram via the San Jacinto Peak summit
Harvard and Yale Peak (Hiked from our camp in Tamarack Valley)
Tram to Tamarack Valley (via the Sid Davis Trail)
LRV to Lily Spring
Tamarack Valley to LIttle Round Valley (via the old unmaintained Tamarack Trail)
LRV to Mt Saint Ellens and Joyce Peak
LRV to Tram (Little Round Valley to the tram via San Jacinto Peak)
Mt. Saint Ellens (10160+ feet elevation)
Joyce Peak (10160+ feet elevation)
Harvard Peak
Yale Peak
Cornell Peak
San Jacinto Peak
Jean Peak
Shirley Peak
Marion Mountain
Newton Drury Peak
Little Round Valley
Tamarack Valley
Round Valley
Wellman Divide
Long Valley RS
Miller Peak
Bed Springs (Actual location of the bed springs themselves)
Diorite Campsite
Coopers Nest Campsite