02.2 [Closed] Hawkins Mtn. to Patterson Mountain
02.1 Taylor Valley to Hawkins Mtn.
01 Taylor Valley Rd to Flagpole Hill
01.1 Reed Rd extension
02.3 Patterson Mtn. to Vershire Center Rd
03 Vershire Center Rd to Parker Rd
04 Parker Rd to Austin Rd
05 Austin Rd to Westshire Elementary School
06 Westshire Elementary School to Southworth Park
07 Southworth Park to Middlebrook Rd
08.1 [Closed] King Hill Rd to Bloodbrook Rd
09 Bloodbrook Rd to Lake Morey Rd
10 Lake Morey Rd to Rivendell Academy - Orford, NH
11 Rivendell Academy to Townshed Rd.
12 Town Shed Rd to Creamery Rd
13 Creamery Rd to Norris Rd
14 Norris Rd to Dame Hill Rd
14.1 Spur trail to Sunday Mountain summit
15 Route 25a to Baker Rd
16 Baker Rd to Mount Cube summit

Closed Bridge
Taylor Valley Road Trailhead
Vershire Center Road Trailhead
Austin Road Trailhead
Dame Hill Rd Trailhead
Norris Road Trailhead
Lake Morey Rd Trailhead
Bloodbrook Rd Trailhead
Middlebrook Rd Trailhead
Baker Road Trailhead
Southworth Park Trailhead
Parker Road Trailhead
Mount Cube 2,909ft
Sunday Mountain 1,823ft
Bald Top Mountain 1,776ft
Flagpole Hill 2,225ft
Rivendell Academy and Middle School
Samual Morey Elementary School
Westshire Elementary School
Begin Fun Run
Race Start at Westshire Elementary
Southworth Park