Vivian Approach
Vivian Technical
Vivian Exit
2016-11-20 12:53:40
014 (R6-95)
013 (R5-50)
012 (R4-30)
010 (R2-70-tree center)
011 (R3-80 tree middle)
V0 Parking area
V1 Cross Mill Creek
V2 Point 3
V3 Wilderness sign (top of the steep part of the trail)
V4 turn off trail (veer left down into the drainage)
R1 160' Drop in point (Anchor off large tree, drop 20' into pool, then rap off edge. 185 ft rope)
R2 70' (anchor off tree canyon right)
R3 80' (anchor off tree canyon right)
R4 50 (anchor off tree canyon left, careful of loose rocks, or anchor off bush canyon right)
R5 95' (final rap) (anchor off tree canyon right, 95' & free hanging section 3/4 of the way down & wet)
V5 Canyon exit