My earlier version of this hike was a bit more ambitious, and included 7 days on the trail. This one is down to 5, tentatively planned for August 2017.
Day 1 (Monday) (After a night at Big Sandy Campground, hike this fairly big mile day to Mae's Lake to first "on trail" night. Straightforward day of walking and taking pictures.)
Day 2 (Tuesday) (Short trek after the morning exploration over Hailey Pass to Baptiste Lake. Hope to have time to explore Baptiste Basin before turning in.)
Day 2 (Morning Day Hike) (In the morning, before breaking camp, go explore this (or a portion of this; I doubt I'd go all the way to the final cirque lake marked) as a half-day day hike. Need to backtrack however far I do go, and be back at camp around lunchtime to pack up camp and hit the trail with packs on in early afternoon.)
Day 3 (Wednesday) (Because I had to abbreviate my itinerary, this is mostly a day of backtracking from Baptiste Lake, back over Hailey Pass, and then turning aside to make camp at Shadow Lake.)
Day 4 (Thursday) (Over Texas Pass to explore Cirque of the Towers for a few hours in the later morning. Then over Jackass Pass and back towards car. Before getting there, turn at Big Sandy Lake and make camp in the woods near Clear Lake.)
Day 5 (Friday) (Up to Deep Lake and around the unnamed x10,980 massif back to Big Sandy Lake, at which point I just descend out of the range and get back to the car. In a pinch, I can throw up a tent at Big Sandy Campground again, but I'd rather drive to Pinedale for a shower and a night in a bed before driving home.)
Night 4 (Thursday)
Night 2 (Tuesday)
Night 0 (Sunday)
Night 1 (Monday)
Night 3 (Wednesday)
Night 5 (Friday) (Drive to hotel in Pinedale.)
Night 3 (Wednesday) alternate