Fall River WA
Cheney Reservoir
Drainage entry
Butler State Lake Wildlife Area
Kaw Wildlife Area
El Dorado State Park
Slate Creek
Scout 3 (Hub of connecting funnels with transition line of cedar trees to NE for possible bedding. )
Oak 3
Oak 2 (Oaks along edge of river)
Oaks (Good runways to NE by public fields. Treestands in this area and to S of cedars. More human activity here.)
Possible river Crossing (Hunt w/ any wind except S, SE, E)
Early Season? (Too many hunters in this area. Corn to N and soybeans to S. Scrapes started in soybeans.)
N Wind Rut Funnel (Possible bedding to NE and fields to check on NW. Could be hunted on N or S wind but better on S. Also looks like oaks present along ridge)
SE Bed?
Small Cut (Funnel plus possible bedding to W along creek)
River and Terrain Funnel?
East Wind hotspot? (Possible bedding along S curve of river and point with possible food sources nearby. Mainly E wind spot. Could get away with N or NE further south of marker if buck tries to scent check area.)
Creek meets Woods (Sparsely wooded creek leads from green field to woods with corn to N. Can hunt with a N, NW (primarily), Also W, E. Have to go further N to hunt S wind for field to N.)
Bedding (CRP bedding. Overgrown pasture/weeds to E with small buck rubs and no concrete bedding. Small oak clusters between CRP fields and to NE of E CRP field)
Corn and Green Field
East Wind deer (Deer seen here on OCT 4th near dark coming from N. Deer in soybeans ran to N. Probable bedding on this side. Oaks in this area good for early season doe hunt.)
Scout 1 (W, E, NE,)
Scout 2 (Possible bedding to W and food to the N. No S, SE, E, NE winds. Oaks possibly in this area as well)
Scout 4 (Big Scrape with big track along field edge to SW)
Morgan (looks like draw water on out skirts)
(? 1)
Water Hole (SE, NW, W, S)
Milo? (Field to W appears to have nothing planted)
Beans 1 2015 (Beans also on private to east)
Corn (Field across river to N is corn as well)
Scout 1.1
Shed Hunt 7
Shed Hunt 6
Shed Hunt 5
Shed Hunt 4
Shed Hunt 3
Shed Hunt 2
Shed Hunt 1
Scout 1.0
Scout 1.1