Full Track
Camp Thursday Night?
OZ_WHALE (dead whale)
OZ_W23 (good water)
OZ_WEDDING (wedding rocks)
OZ_W21 (seep)
OZ_W20 (small water)
OZ_W18 (big water)
OZ_W19 (big water)
OZ_W17 (small)
OZ_W15 (small)
OZ_W13 (not the most appetizing)
OZ_W14 (small)
OZ_W11 (creek near the mine hmmm)
OZ_W091 (small water)
OZ_W092 (small water)
OZ_W09 (petroleum creek)
OZ_W07 (small water)
OZ_W08 (small water)
OZ_W062 (good water)
OZ_W06 (Willoughby Creek)
OZ_W061 (good water)
OZ_W052 (good water)
OZ_W05 (seafield creek)
OZ_W051 (good water)
OZ_W04 (ozette river)
OZ_W031 (small water)
OZ_W032 (small water)
OZ_W03 (OZ_W03)
OZ_W021 (best water at chilean memorial)
OZ_W022 (best water at chilean memorial)
OZ_W012 (Ellen creek)
OZ_W02 (OZ_W02)
OZ_W011 (Ellen creek)
OZ_W01 (water)
OZ_TSK (Tsk island)
OZ_TRLHD (boardwalk trailhead)
OZ_TRL04 (cape alava trail)
OZ_TRL02 (north sand point trail)
OZ_TRL03 (north sand point trail alternative access)
OZ_TRL01 (south sand point trail)
OZ_TIDE02 (tide issue)
OZ_TLT1 (toilet)
OZ_SBUX (starbucks mine)
OZ_ROPE3_S (long inland passage to avoid impassible headland. south side.)
OZ_ROPE3_N (inland passage to avoid tide problems. north access)
OZ_ROPE04_N (inland passage to avoid impassible stuff. north access)
OZ_ROPE02_S (short inland passage rope to avoid tide problems. this is the south side of the passage)
OZ_ROPE01 (tide issue, short inland crossing here)
OZ_ROPE02_N (short inland passage to avoid tide problems. this is the north side of the passage)
OZ_RGR1 (ranger hut)
OZ_PARK2 (Olympic National Park)
OZ_PTARCH (point of arches)
OZ_PARK1 (parking for backpackers)
OZ_NORWAY (norwegian memorial)
OZ_LW09 (OZ_LW09)
OZ_LW10 (OZ_LW10)
OZ_LW08 (OZ_LW08)
OZ_LW06 (OZ_LW06)
OZ_LW07 (OZ_LW07)
OZ_LW05 (OZ_LW05)
OZ_LW03 (OZ_LW03)
OZ_LW04 (OZ_LW04)
OZ_LW02 (OZ_LW02)
OZ_LW01 (little water)
OZ_INCAMP2 (inland camp)
OZ_INLAND1_S (inland passage to avoid impassible stuff. south access)
OZ_INCAMP1 (good inland camp)
OZ_FX01 (cross the old road)
OZ_HOLE (hole in the wall)
OZ_F01 (fork. N is cape alava taril, S is north sand point trail)
OZ_CHILE (chilean memorial)
OZ_CAMP3A (day 3 camp)
OZ_CAMP21 (day 2 camp)
OZ_CAMP3 (shi shi beach campsite)
OZ_CAMP2 (campsite 2 seafield creek)
OZ_CAMP11 (day 1 camp)
OZ_CAMP12 (day 1 camp)
OZ_CAMP1 (campsite number 1 in the wedding rocks area)
OZ_BRDWK (terminus of north boardwalk)
OCTY_W20 (water)
OZ_ACCESS1 (beach access to shi shi)
OCTY_W19 (water, small)
OCTY_W17 (water)
OCTY_W18 (water and water fall)
OCTY_W16 (water)
OCTY_W14 (water mayber)
OCTY_W15 (water, small)
OCTY_W13 (water)
OCTY_W11 (water, goodman creek crossing)
OCTY_W12 (water, falls creek crossing)
OCTY_W10 (water)
OCTY_W08 (water)
OCTY_W09 (water)
OCTY_W07B (water, mosquito creek)
OCTY_W06 (water)
OCTY_W07A (water, mosquito creek)
OCTY_W04 (good water)
OCTY_W05 (water)
OCTY_W02 (water)
OCTY_W03 (water)
OCTY_W01 (water)
OCTY_TLT02 (pit toilet)
OCTY_TLT03 (pit toilet)
OCTY_TLT01 (pit toilet)
OCTY_TH02A (third beach trailhead)
OCTY_TH02B (third beach trailhead)
OCTY_TH01 (oil city trailhead)
OCTY_PC05 (potential camp site)
OCTY_PC06 (potential campsite)
OCTY_PC04 (potential camp site)
OCTY_PC02 (potential camp site)
OCTY_PC03 (potential camp site)
OCTY_PC01 (very small tent site on cliff top)
OCTY_PARKA (parking)
OCTY_PARKB (parking)
OCTY_PA10 (inland passage with ladders)
OCTY_PA08 (inland passage)
OCTY_PA09 (inland passage)
OCTY_PA07 (inland passage)
OCTY_PA05 (inland passage w/ ladders)
OCTY_PA06 (inland passage)
OCTY_PA03 (inland passage)
OCTY_PA04 (inland passage)
OCTY_PA02 (inland passage)
OCTY_PA01 (inland passage)
OCTY_F00 (fork S from hwy 101 to oil city)
OCTY_F02 (small trail down to beach ?)
OCTY_END01 (turn around point)
OCTY_CMP3A (day 3 camp)
OCTY_CMP3B (day 3 camp site)
OCTY_CMP2 (day 2 camp, really big camping area)
OCTY_BEACH (Mouth Hoh R)
OCTY_CMP1 (camp day 1)
Camp Option (ROute is estimated 800m south of here)