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Possible Alt. Route above arroyo
1885 Map Road
Ruts Visible from Air
Aerial SFT Route
Visible Ruts or Road
Old Route 66
USGS Topo Depiction of Trail near San Miguel
USGS Topo Depiction of Trail near San Jose 2
Visible Ruts W of Ribera
Visible Swale W of Ribera 2
Visible Rutes W of Riber 3
Visible Swale Near Ribera
Visible Swale Near Ribera 2
Route of the SFT
Alternate Route of SFT
Swale E. of Ribera
Swale E. of Ribera 2
SFT w/Route 66
Route 66
Route 66 Remnant
Route 66 Remnant
Walkable Route 66 Remnant (Nice Walk!)
Pueblo los Tanos to Pueblo San Cristobal
Visible Ruts
Visible Ruts in Pecos NHP
Old Road to Galiseo
Believable Topo Route to Galisteo
Aerial Ruts to Galisteo
Alternate Route
Newer Route of SFT - Not Recommended
Old Road or Rut
Old Hwy 85/66 & SFT
Route to Pueblo San Cristobal
Alt. Route
SFT Glorieta Pass Alt Route - Hikeable
Rugged - Suggest Alternate Route in yellow
Pueblo San Cristobal Ruins
Nice rock formations, trail, bench, Ponderosa pine
Quite obvious uphill swale
Private Road-Get permission to park
Topo Map shows trail too rugged vs. arroyo for much of this stretch
Camp has campfire facilities here amid HUGE Ponderosa Pines
Also Route 66 Approx. 1921-33. VERY WALKABLE!
Route 66 crosses I-25 here, but SFT split off earlier & does not cross
Obvious Ruts of SFT
Rugged, Ruts Became Arroyo
A lot of houses and fences, here S.
An Enjoyable Walk
Pueblo los Tanos
Pueblo los Tanos 2
No Trespassing
2nd Best Stretch to Hike-Flat Country -1.27 mi. to end
Public, Flat Terrain
No Trespassing
No Trespassing
Piedras Negras Pass Elev 7680'
Foottrail Through Marsh
Walkable Stretch
No Parking
Footpath in Arroyo
Best Stretch of Trail to Hike 2.25 mi. to Old Santa Fe Trail
Route of the SFT, 1821-79, Route 66 1927-37, US 85 1937-75
1856 Stone/Wood Bridge
Unidentified Object
1878 Railroad Culvert