4 day trek beginning at Lodgepole or Wolverton out to Bearpaw Meadows onto Atwell then Hockett Meadows and out at the South Fork
Route (Atwell to Hockett Meadows Ranger Station)
Fork to High Sierra Trail (If west bound take northly trail towards Mehrten Meadow)
Fork to Alta Peak (If westbound do not diverge.)
End Lodgepole
Trail fork (Trail forks but still ends up at Redwood Meadow)
Trail forks (Trail for can take you to Timber Gap and onto Cold Springs area.)
Start Hockett Ranger St
End South Fork Campground
Camp Day1 (Camp day 1 at Bear Paw Meadows Campground)
Camp Day 2 (Camp Day 2 Atwell Mills Campground)
Camp Day 3 (Camp Day 3 Hockett Meadows )