Day 1 to Coosa Bald (Dry camp near summit. Short hike over to summit. No views. Nearest water just before intersection with gravel road.)
Coosa Bald side trip
Day 2 Blood Mountain and onward (Parted company with Charles and Sarah at Duncan Ridge Trail junction. Nice hiking to Blood Mountain. 5/28 was perfect timing for Mountain Laurel and Catawba Rhododendron at the summit. Amazing views. Tough descent to Neel's Gap. Watered. Continued to Rock Spring Top. Watered again. Campsites on Wolf Laurel Top (looked great) full. Continued to saddle before Green Cliff and camped next to spring off trial, not a great site. )
Day 3 Cowrock and Tesnatee Gap (Woke up sore and tired. Good campsites between Green Cliff and Cowrock. View from Cowrock amazing. Special place. Trip totals 19.47 miles. 6,249' gained. 5,421' lost. Low elevation 2,019'. High elevation 4460'.)
Camp 1
Camp 2 at spring