Great first backpacking trip. Doable by anyone 10+
Avery Excursion (Short side trip to summit of Avery Peak. Wild blueberries were abundant at the top and are very good on morning oatmeal.)
Dirt road walk
Fire Wardens Trail (Don't worry, you're not going all the way up.)
Horns Pond Trail (Steady, relentless ascent to ridgeline)
AT (Steep rocky ascent to the Horns followed by lovely ridge walk to West Peak)
Firewardens Trail (Knee-jamming descent from Avery Campsite.)
Dirt road walk (Back the way you came)
Parking (non 4WD) (For anyone without a giant 4WD truck, there is a small lot at the end of the road. Add a 1/4-1/2 mile "road" walk.)
4WD ONLY (4WD only. Saves .4 mile "road" walk)
Horns Pond Shelters (First Night's stay. Really nice campsite. Water source is a spring a short distance down the trail. Really clean and nice.)
Avery Tentsite (Beautiful campsite in Bigelow Col. 15 Minute walk to either West Peak OR Avery Peak for sunrise/sunset viewing. Water source is a tiny spring in a box about a quarter mile down a side trail from the campsite. Be prepared for an infuriating pine-needle filled water collection experience here. )
West Peak Summit (Bare rocky summit with 360 degree views)