Hiking Option 1 (USFS land) (Seemingly arbitrary to start. The important part is to go near the huge boulder/wall high on the slope at the start of the hike. Once past that you can't go wrong as you're smack in the middle of public (forest service) land. <br>You quickly gain and old two-track road in the small valley and hike that past Renaissance Wall. Hike is a little over 2 miles.)
Private Land Boundary (Land between Hwy 60 and this line IS private. Land east of this line is public land. THIS IS NOT EXACT!)
Hiking Option 3 (1.1 mile. Crosses private land near highway)
Hiking Option 2 (Roughly 1.5 miles. Crosses a short bit of private land near the highway)
Private Ranch Road Turn (The preferred (by climbers) approach to the Tower. Used to be open but is locked indefinitely on account of privilege abuse by both climbers and other land users.)
Mojave Academny (Lots of school buildings. Apparently closed indefinitely as of March 15, 2013. Land was purchased by private owner and there's one gate that must be opened/closed as you drive through. Gate swings both ways.)
Enchanted Tower
Parking Option 1 (Park on shoulder of dirt FR6 at faint pullout but don't block roads)
Historical Marker, Trash Cans and Parking (There's a historical marker and two public trash cans at this spot amongst a few Ponderosa Pines.)
Alternate parking on shoulder just north of cattle guard
Private Ranch Drive - First Gate
Private Ranch Drive - Second Gate (Locked as of September 2016)