Georgia - Alabama State Line. (See McIntosh Road Alabama Map)
Road to Oakfuskee. (Indian Village now under the dam at Lake Martin, AL.)
Road to Oakfuskee / Seven Islands Road (East to current day Augusta and on to Charleston, SC.)
Road to Alabama
McIntosh "Road" House
Indian Field (Food Supply for Road House)
Grierson Trail, southwest to Hillabee, Creek Nation (South of Millerville, Alabama, near intersection od Little Hillabee and Harbuck creeks)
McIntosh Reserve. Total acres 576. Reserve located on both sides of the river.
McIntosh (Lower) Reserve, 640 Acres, west side of river. Granted to McIntosh in 1821 and sold to the State of Georgia in 1825.
Indian Springs Reserve. McIntosh Hotel built in 1823. Treaty of 1825 signed in Hotel.
Alternate Route (Probably weather related)
King's Road, Named for Tandy King. (North thru current day Fayetteville and on to Decatur and Stone Mountain)
Five-Notch Road to Florida
Road to McIntosh (North to McIntosh Reserve)
Road to McIntosh (South to Grierson Trail)
"Upper McIntosh Road (East to Current Day Fayetteville and Beyond) Exact Location of Intersection with McIntosh Road is Unknown)
King's Road. Southwest to Creek town of Coweta, via current day Senoia, Greenville, FDR State Park (King's Gap), Hamilton, to near Columbus)
Flat Shoals Path. (South to Flat Shoals on Flint River, intersecting with the Road to Oakfuskee)
The McIntosh Road was designated as a public road by the Carroll Inferior Court in 1829. Most sections had been paved by 1970.
Five-Notch Road to the Cherokee Nation.
McIntosh Grave
Confederate Camp Stephens. Infantry Training Camp
Spring used by travellers.
McIntosh Road and Road to Oakfuskee join here.
McIntosh Road and Road to Oakfuskee join here