Friday Morning
Friday Afternoon
Friday PM (Optional Explore to Lower Relief Valley)
Friday AM (Optional explore to Granite Lake)
Trail Head (Gianelli Cabin Trail Head)
Friday Lunch (3.7 miles from TH)
Friday Camp (3.3 miles, 7 miles total for the day. Not a bad day!)
Saturday Camp (Only 4.7 miles! Time to relax and explore! I was near here just a little further up the trail last June, Red "X". Our destination for this June is the Green "X" by the lakes just to the right of this camp site. We will be coming from a different trail head in June.)
Iceland Lake (This is where we are headed to in June 2015)
Sunday Afternoon (Sunday is roughly 8 miles but it is predominately down hill with a food lightened pack.)
June 2014 (This is about where I got to last June coming from the opposite direction.)