Hoosier Pass 1 (Great beginner ski hill for ORC trips. Right off the road!)
Montgomery Pass 4
Bockman Ridge (Accessed most easily from the Montgomery Yurts, or from Bockman Lumber camp. Great tree skiing down the ridge, as well as above treeline if the snow is good.)
Montgomery Pass 1 (This whole bowl is the best skiing we have found in the area. And we have NEVER seen any other tracks in here! Everyone continues south towards Montgomery Pass. )
Montgomery Pass 3
Montgomery Pass 2
Montgomery Pass 5
Montgomery Yurt Knoll (Open trees next to Montgomery Yurt for short laps.)
Diplomat Ridge (Open trees just above and below the trail)
Diplomat Gulch (Follow the road up to a small saddle on the ridge. Continue up to ski above treeline. Cut the switchbacks on the way down for some of the best turns in the area.)
Lost Wonder (Best place to ski from Lost Wonder hut. )
Moonshine Park (Great meadow for beginners)
Burn Hut 2
Burn Hut 1 (The meadows surrounding Burn Hut have great mellow skiing for beginners)
Burn Hut 3
Burn Hut 3
Blue Lakes 1 (This is a tour up from the blue lakes hut, to above treeline. You can follow an old road for most of this. There is a great meadow just below treeline (this line), and then you can cut switchbacks on the way down.)
Blue Lakes 2
Blue Lakes 7
Blue Lakes 8
Blue Lakes 6
Blue Lakes 5
Blue Lakes 4
Blue Lakes 3
Cocan Flats 2
Cocan Flats 1
Perfect Trees (The name says it all! The further north on this ridge you go, the less tracks you will see, but the longer the skin back out (unless you get Dan Crossey to show you his secret skin track in)!)
Old Monarch Pass (This can get skied off quickly, but offers great terrain for lapping. Park along the pull-off by the bend in the road.)
Porphyry Park (You can either park at Porphyry Park, or plant a car here and hitchhike back to Old Monarch Pass area.)
Porphyry Park 2 (This is called "Two Humps." Ski down east face toward the road (stop well short or else the skin back up is nasty). Or ski the west side for a longer run, with a more difficult skin back up.)
Porphyry Park 3
Kelly Lake Ridge (Haven't skied it, but it looks excellent - open trees, holds snow well)
Backside of Pikes 1 (This slope builds up a sun crust. The only good skiing we have found on the backside of Pikes is right after a decent snow - skiing fresh powder on top of this sun/wind crust. Without the crust, there is no base!)
Backside of Pikes 2 (Excellent terrain here; the tricky part is finding the right snowpack to ski it.)
Crags ridge (Good looking open trees, but make sure the snowpack has enough of a base - it can be facets to the ground.)
Conquistador (Lost ski resort - you are skiing open ski trails! Make sure the Sangre's have enough of a snowpack before you attempt to ski this.)
Ruby Creek (Haven't skied this, but it looked really good from Ruby Creek!)
Victoria Peak (For the distance from the car (and from Frisco), this gets surprisingly few people. This has become one of our favorite go-to spots throughout the winter. Always good snow, with good variety of terrain. If the snowpack is good, you can even ski the avy chute itself. Climb higher up the ridge to find a beautiful bowl of treeline skiing.)
Cameron Pass
Willow Creek Chute (Spring skiing. Won't find many people here.)
Victoria Peak 2
Royal Mountain (Mellow-est line down this ridge.)
Buffalo Mountain (Follow the established trail up the north side of an old avy chute. Ski the chute, or the trees you skinned up.)
Chief Mtn (Shorter laps (300-500'), but really open trees. You will NOT see anyone else here either! Great winter camping in Meadow Creek.)
Chief Mtn. 2
Cuchara (Lost ski resort - you are skiing open ski runs! Make sure this area has enough of a snowpack before attempting - it can get a good bit of wind as well. There are also open glades to be found above these ski runs.)
Bald Mountain (Mellow meadow skiing. Easy approach up mining roads. )
No Name Gulch
Cheyenne Canyon (Gets skied off quickly, but access is right off the road. Many options in the bowl above treeline as well. Also known as the "Diamond Couloir".)
Backside of Pikes 3 (Excellent terrain here; the tricky part is finding the right snowpack to ski it.)
Quandary (Pretty low danger route down the ridge. You can also ski the east facing bowl just below the summit.)
Little Italy Couloir
The "Chimney" Couloir
The Y Couloir - Middle Fork (This is the standard way to ski the Y. Best done in April/May. High avy danger and lots of "no fall" terrain. )
The Trough Chute (Seldom if hardly ever skied. However, fun half-pipe skiing in a big water gully. Look out for hangfire on the steep cliffs above. )
Ski Cave (If you can find it, you can use it! )