West to East version: From Wolverton via Table Meadows, Triple Divide Pass, Milestone Pass to Shepherds Creek.
Day 1 (Wolverton, up to the Hum, Emerald Lake, Pear Lake Ranger Station, along Kweah river up to Table meadows.)
Day 2 (Climb up table meadows to the tablelands, alongside to Lonely Lake, Fin Pass, Deadman's Canyon, via Copper Pass down Cloud Canyon and camp at Glacier Lake)
Day 3 (Climb from Glacier Lake to Triple divide pass, then pass Colby pass to Milestone Bowl.)
Day 4 (Climb up Milestone bowl via Milestone Pass, Ski down to heart of Kern river valley. Climb up the Tyndal plateau.)
Day 5 (Cross Tyndal Plateau, climb up Williams Bowl Ski down the 4000 ft from Shepherds pass into the creek. Camp at Mahogany flat.)
Day 6
Park West (Old Wolverton Ski Resort Parking Lot)
Camp 1 (Table Meadows)
Camp 2 (Glacier Lake)
Camp 3 (Milestone Bowl)
Camp 4 (Tyndal Plateau)
Camp 5 (Mahogany Flat)
Park East (Shepherd Creek Trailhead)