extKolobRes (Turn off for Kolob Reservoir road)
tLftFrkNrthCk (Trailhead for the left for of )
tWildCatCyn (Wild Cat Canyon Trailhead)
tWestRimN (Northern trailhead for the wes)
tKolobCyn (Leave road to start down to Ko)
wKolobCynRP-01 (trail start)
wKolobCynRP-02 (Leave trail cross over drainag)
wKolobCynRP-03 (Start up hill side to saddle t)
wKolobCynRP-04 (Other side of saddle)
wKolobCynRP-05 (North across drainage down to )
wKolobCynRP-06 (Logging road turns sharp right)
wKolobCynRP-07 (Drop to drainage, fallen tree )
wKolobCynRP-08 (Logging road resumes)
wKolobCynRP-09 (Kolob Creek, down LDC)
yKolobCanyonTp (Not preferred rap spot)
dKolobR1 (Rap 1, Anchored from a bent tr)
yKolobCanyonBt (Confluence of Kolob and Oak)
yBoundaryBt (Confluence Boundary and Kolob)
wMIA-RP-01 (Rock ledge)
wMIA-RP-02 (Dry Fall 50, climb chute befor)
wMIA-RP-03 (Steep Sandy slope)
wMIA-RP-04 (Saddle rocky out croppings)
wMIA-RP-05 (Larger drainage)
yMIA-Slot-Bt (Bottom of MIA Slot)
wMIA-RP-06 (Steep drainage joing in from w)
wMIA-RP-07 (Cross over north side of ravin)
jMIA-climb/rd (MIA Exit intersects with road)
wMIA-RP-08 (Pipe with water)
wMIA-RP-09 (Fork in road, turn right (less)
wMIA-RP-10 (Road forks, go furthest to rig)
wMIA-RP-11 (Water Tank)
wMIA-RP-12 (Intersection of roads, go left)
wMIA-RP-13 (Gate, and park boundary)
wMIA-RP-14 (Road comes to a T)
wMIA-RP-15 (Fork road)
wBoundaryRP-01 (Old logging road that goes N)
wMIAgate (MIA Gate, can be locked anytim)
extLavaPoint (Turn off for Lava Point off Ko)
wBoundaryRP-02 (Down Logging Road)
wBoundaryRP-03 (Logging road clearing, go righ)
wBoundaryRP-04 (Clearing area)
wBoundaryRP-05 (Trail junction)
yBoundaryTp (Top Entry of Boundary)
dBoundaryR1-2 (Raps 1 and 2, 8" pine, 165', t)
jMIA-Exit (MIA Exit leaves Kolob Creek. S)