Basin to Death Shelf
Tram to Basin
TH to Basin Camp
Tram to Totality
Basin to Sunset
Sunset to Hurricane Pass
Hurricane Pass to High Point
N Teton Creek to Sunset via WigWams
Roaring Creek

Hurricane Pass to TH
Face Trail to TM to HP to BL
Hurricane Pass
Middle Death Canyon Shelf (several camp sites slightly uphill from trail (west) following large social trail. large, 50' wide flat rock exposed on downhill side of trail just past social trail that leads to shelf edge. two smaller, 15' exposed rocks closer to trail. )
North Death Canyon Shelf (first close proximity to shelf edge. Giant boulder upstream (west/northwest) of trail. social trail leading southwest and uphill to tree stand)
Top of Aerial Tram
Trail Crosses Totality
Teton Canyon TH
D1 Camp 8220'
Sunset Camp
Basin Lake Camp
High Pt above Hurricane Pass
Mid point before Hurricane Pass
Battleship Drainage to Roaring Creek
Trail Reappears
Trail not Visible
Trail Junction
Log Bridge