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10. Roaring River to Roads End
02. LeConte to Woods Creek via JMT
11. alternative - Kern River to Roaring River via Colby Pass
03. Woods Creek to Bubbs Creek via JMT
08. Kaweah Gap to Bearbaw Jct via HST
12. Kearsarge Pass access
05. Connect to Kern River via HST (from Jim)
07. Kern River to Kaweah Gap via HST
06. along the Kern River via HST
09. Bearpaw Jct to Roaring River via Elizabeth Pass
04. Bubbs Creek to Wallace Creek via JMT
01. Roads End to LeConte Cyn
13. Upper Kern Basin Alternate
STEWAM (6_6 STEWART MT 12200 Class 2 from Ninie Lake Basin. From the north end of Lake 10440 climb a grassy gully to the slabs and ramps of the summit area. The high point of the peak is at the far western end of the high ridge atop the peak)
EAGLSP (6_5 EAGLE SCOUT PEAK 12000 Class 2 from the Big Arroyo. It is best to head for the saddle just south of the peak, and then go directly to the summit.)
Kern Point (6_12 KERN POINT 12730 The southwest slope is class 2, as is the traverse from Kern Ridge.)
CALTEP (8_12 CALTECH PEAK 13832 Class 2 Southeast Slopes.)
RIXFOM (9_5 RIXFORD MT 12887 Class 1 from Bullfrog Lake)
WYNNEM (10_4 WYNNE MT 13179 The west ridge from Pinchot Pass is class 2.)
SPLITM (12_1 SPLIT MTN 14042 Secor says "After Mount Whitney, this is the easiest 14,000-foot peak in the Sierra. North Slope Class 2 - Ascend to the saddle between Mt Prater and Split Mountain from Upper Basin and climb the easy talus slopes to the summit.)
PRATEM (12_3 PRATER MT 13471 Class 1 - Gain the southeast ridge from Upper Basin and follow the ridge to the summit. A short knife edge is easy but scary.)
GOATMT (11_4 GOAT MTN 12207 The northwest ridge is class 2.)
Roads End Trailhead, Kings Cyn NP
Avalanch Pass
Roaring River Ranger Station
Tyndall Ranger Station
Elizabeth Pass
Colby Pass
Middle Fork Kaweah River near footbridge
Kaweah Gap
Kern River
Forester Pass (As of 2016 bear canisters are required between Pinchot and Forester Passes.)
Bubbs Creek
Glen Pass
Woods Creek Suspension Bridge
Pinchot Pass (As of 2016 bear canisters are required between Pinchot and Forester Passes.)
South Fork Kings River
Mather Pass
Cross Palisade Creek (The bridge over Palisade Creek is gone. Early in season, or after high snowpack winter, it may take scouting to find a safe place to wade or cross via log. After mid-August in a normal snowpack year, or as early as July after dry winter wading is no problem. If not possible to safely wade here, bushwack upstream to 0360955E 4101845N where the water is calmer and safe crossing may be possible.)
Simpson Meadow
Granite Pass
LeConte Ranger Station
Charlotte Ranger Station
Rae Lakes Ranger Station
Bearpaw Ranger Station
Junction Meadow
Creek crossing (This crossing may be impossible or unsafe in high water conditions.)
Possible Crossing Point (When Palisade Creek is high, this is the westernmost location where the creek topography usually permits safe crossing. as per
Water Source (If walking southbound, this is the last water source until Dougherty Meadow.)
Water Source (If walking northbound, this is the last water until the Horseshoe Creek Crossing in Simpson Meadow)
Bridge washed out 2016-2017 flood (Check for status)