Comanche TR Day 3 (Comanche Lake to TH)
Alternative Route
Comanche TR Day 1 (TH to Venable Lakes)
Comanche TR Day 2 (Venable Lakes to Comanche Lake)
End of Trip
SP Day 1
D1/WP 1 (Opening in the trees)
D1/WP 2 (Side Trail goes down to Venable Creek)
D1/WP 3 (Trail intersects/comes close to lakes on south side)
Camp Day 1
SP Day 2
D2/WP1 (Venable TR intersects with Comanche TR)
D2/WP2 (Comanche TR splits (go east))
Camp Day 2
SP Day 3
D3/WP1 (Beginning of Switchbacks)
D3/WP2 (End of 13 Switchbacks)
D3/WP3 (Comanche TR splits (go South))
D3/WP4 (Comanche TR Splits (Go East))