Leif Erikson Trail (05/03/2016)
CR Hwy - Twin Tunnels Segment
CW Hwy - new Lindsey Cr Section
CR Hwy - Starvation to Viento
CZ Trail - Section 5
CZ Trail - Section 4
CZ Trail - Section 3
CR Hwy - Tooth Rock to Bridge of the Gods
Beaver Creek to Vernonia Section (After the Beaver Creek TH at mile 17, the path emerges from the woods and hugs the highway for a gentle descent into Vernonia. Prepare for a few bumpy spots and tight turns near Vernonia. The route goes through Anderson Park, just blocks from downtown Vernonia, and continues for a couple more miles to Mill Pond/Vernonia Lake)
Top Hill to Beaver Creek Section
Stub Stewart to Top Hill Section (Pass through L. L. Stub Stewart State Park. Just before reaching the Tophill trailhead at mile 12, the route descends into short, steep switchbacks across Nehalem Highway, bypassing the Horseshoe Trestle, and then climbs back to the trailhead)
Buxton to Stub Stewart Section
Manning to Buxton Section (The grade steepens a bit on mostly wide and sweeping switchbacks as you approach the Buxton trailhead in a canopy of trees. The Horseshoe Trestle was half-destroyed by fire, but bikers and hikers can cross the curving 700 feet of the restored Buxton Trestle at about mile 6.)
Banks to Manning Section (From Banks, enjoy a gentle 5-mile incline?good for families?through pastoral farmland. )
CZ Trail - Section 1
CZ Trail - Section 2
CR Hwy - Elowah to Tooth Rock
CR Hwy - Starvation Creek Parking
CZ Trail Parking 1 ("Chapman Landing" - one small pull-over parking space and short foot trail to start of CZ trail (unofficial) )
CZ Trail Parking 2 (Official parking, but apparently turned into a gravel site. No amenities. Not a ton of space.)
CZ Trail Parking 3
CZ Trail Parking 4 (Much larger gravel lot. Still no amenities, but much more room.)
CZ Trail Parking 5 (Room for a few cars. Don't block the gate. No amenities. Marked with a sign.)
CR Hwy - Elowah Falls Parking
CR Hwy - Tooth Rock Parking
CR Hwy - Bridge of the Gods Parking
CR Hwy - Viento Parking
CR Hwy - Hood River Parking
CR Hwy - Mosier Parking
Vernonia Lake Parking
Anderson Park Parking (Restrooms and water)
Beaver Creek TH Parking (Restrooms)
Buxton Parking (Restrooms)
Stub Stewart Parking (Restrooms and water)
Top Hill Parking (Restrooms)
Manning Parking
Banks Parking (Restrooms and water)