Black Velvet Canyon to: (Y) "The Park" (O) Hidden Peak and/or (RL) Monument Peak
Hidden Peak to Monument Peak (Rough Sketch: )
Black Velvet Peak Route
Hidden Peak Route
Burlap Butress ROUTE
"The Park" via Black Velvet Canyon Route
(awkward climb (Hiking Las Vegas route description - photo 4) )
Trailhead - Black Velvet
(just before slot)
The Park via Blk Vlvt Cnyn ROUTE (In the wash)
(start of wash/bowl)
(veer left (West) into smaller canyon)
(leave wash (must find climb out to right side in order to avoid brush) - designated by pile of rocks)
("notch" /crack (Photo 7 - HLV route))
(descend by log)
(Trees on horizon (Photo 10 from HLV guide) seen hiking Westbound. Cross - not descend - deep drainage to "the park" )
The Park
(Top of gulley)
(broad summit ridge)
(go around pine tree)
Hidden Peak Summit
Black Velvet Canyon turnoff (veer onto main trail)
(go right, follow path down into wash)
(on path on the far right side of wash)
Burlap Butress ROUTE (on path headed for Burlap Butress)
(veer right following path to North)
Triangular tunnel/arch (Turn right and follow path across wash and up other side. Now on North side of Wash. Scramble up a short, class 3 chute, traverse right about 15 feet, turn left and scramble to the start of the loose slope (next waypoint))
(At bottom of loose slope to be climbed.)
(Top of ramp)
(Go out on ramp to left (50 yards past tough boulder))
(top of loose slope)
(just past rope)
(In the wash)
(From challenging chockstone w/ rope, follow cairns back into wash until you reach the wall - climb to top of wall, veering left (as in photo 7 on route))
(At top of climb, traverse left as marked by cairn and cross over to south side of canyon (class 3+) to a huge cairn that marks the start of the gulley (the lower of the 2 gulleys))
(after 200 yards in gulley, climb out to the right and continue up the gulley and continue ascending)
(After ascending gulley, and 10 yards before SMALL tunnel, make a hard right onto ledge. Go around ledge to easy class 3 chute and scramble up to tree, then go right before going left up the wall)
(summit ridge: class 3 climb to get to, continue 240yds to summit)
Burlap Butress Summit (look for large cairn, which tells you where to leave the summit ridge on North side)
Monument Peak Summit
(Top of sandstone ledge that leads to faint path traveling up loose, red-chipped sandstone. You can see Black Velvet and two other unnamed peaks to its right from here.)
(Scramble up waterfall towards trees, 40ft wall sits about 50yds behind the trees. To get to top of wall - go right along bottom to point where you can climb a small, 6ft wall. Then head south along sandstone ledge to faint path up loose, red-chipped sandstone)
(This is the point at which canyon divides - go left (West) into the largest fork. Scramble ~300yds up steep sandstone canyon to 50ft log where you leave the wash and head South up steep dry waterfall behind log. )
(Walk along Keystone Fault Thrust where terrain changed from sandstone to limestone. Follow path as it goes around heads of Black Velvet Canyon (not much elevation gain/loss). Head towards peaks.)
(Black Velvet ledges (class 3). Once above, drop back into wash and boulder SEVERAL HUNDRED yards up canyon where you will encounter numerous class 3 sections. Until canyon divides; go left (West) into largest fork.)
(continue towards peaks)
(within 100yds of 1st peak, you will descend to section of reddish dirt and rock. Go around first peak, following sandstone until you can easily climb off to the north (left).)
(After climbing off north/left, continue north about 25 yards to a wall with black varnish at the bottom. Turn left/west and hike up brushy slot to drop off. About 15ft before slot ends, find a hole on the right & squeeze through. )
(Once up, walk NE toward the first peak (theres a huge drop off to your left). Walk about 50 yards before coming to head of drop-off. Go North (left) climbing over boulders to other side of drop-off. A few yards ahead, off to the right, is what appears to be a very tricky traverse (not as bad as it looks). Once past it, the 2nd peak comes into view. Approach the second peak (highest) from the South side and scramble along crest of ridge.)
(Scramble along crest of ridge, with two short down climbs before reaching the peak (where there is a sign-in book). To the north, about 200 yards and 100 feet less in elevation stands Black Velvet peak. Continue east along same ridge 15 yards to large cairn and path that leads to Black Velvet peak. Go north (left) on path and descend slope toward peak. Once at the low point, scramble up to Black Velvet Peak. )

Black Velvet Peak Summit (To DESCEND: If you do not have a gps, make a note of the time. This will help you find the path that travels down the ridge. Start by HEADING SOUTH, retracing your steps back up to the same ridgeline near the highest peak. VEER SLIGHTLY SOUTHEAST as you climb onto the ridgeline. Once on the ridge, hike east several hundred yards. There?s an occasional path and numerous cairns. Veer south (right) of the first peaklet you come to. Again, head south (right) to avoid climbing to a second peaklet. Once past the peaklet, head up to the ridgeline and pick up the path as it heads east. Now, look at your watch. Once 25 minutes have passed since you left Black Velvet Peak, start LOOKING FOR A PATH THAT HEADS NORHT (LEFT) DOWN THE SLOPE. *****It?s marked by two large cairns and a third cairn off to the left. Also, a log sits about 10 yards down the slope next to the path.***** The path heads north toward Whiskey Peak, which lies about 600 feet below. The path is easy to follow and well cairned. About halfway down to the desert floor, the path stops descending and starts traversing due north. Look to your left for large cairns marking the traverse. In about 150 yards Whiskey Peak comes into view. From that point, you?ll be scrambling down class 2/3 sandstone. Descend into the gully that lies before Whiskey Peak. Go to the north side of the gully and pick up the path that weaves NE toward the desert oor. There?re numerous paths, luckily they all avoid the brush and are easy to navigate. About halfway down, the main path leaves the gully, heads north (left) and traverses a reddish alluvial fan. When the path divides head down the switchbacks. Do not continue north on the path. (You?ll end up back in the canyon.) Make sure to descend an easy class 2 chute. Follow the path down to the desert oor. When the path intersects the main trail, go east (right) following it back to the car.)
Mountain Springs Trailhead
01 (Trailhead)
02 (Exit Wash)
03 (Rainbow Spring)
04 (Agave Roasting Pit)
05 (Use-trail Starts)
06 (Turn up Wash)
07 (Turn up Side Wash)
08 (Turn up Side Wash)
09 (Crest of the Range)
10 (Cross Knoll)
11 (Turn Downhill)
12 (Leave Use-trail)
13 (Spring )
14 (Little Zion)
Bootleg Spring (Bootleg Spring)