Little Stonecoal

Beaver Dam Tr
Upper Red Cr Tx
Bear Rocks Tr
Raven Ridge
Beaver View (1.2 mile trail)
Rocky Ridge (3 miles)
Rocky Ridge
Dobbin Grade (4.3 miles)
Red Cr. Sat Tr
BB Knob Sat
Big StoneCoal
JXN: Red Cr and Breathed (Per Google maps)
unsure route (unsure if route actually goes here)
JXN (Campsite, Water South on upper red creek trail Upper red creek trail stops here and joins Dobbin Grade Trail)
Forks (Good Campsite Large Waterhole)
Waterfall (Camping)
JXN (Wildlife Trail JXN)
VISTA (Camping Spot)
JXN Dobbin and Raven (Raven Ridge Trail comes in from north and ends on Dobin Grade Trail)
JXN: Dobin Grade and Beaver Dam (Beaver Dam Trail Comes in From SE and Joins Dobbin Grade)
Bear Rocks Trail
JXN: Dobbin and Bear (Dobbin Grade Trail and Bear Rock Trail Junction)
JXN: Ravens and Rocky Ridge (Junction of Raven's Ridge Trail and Rocky Ridge Trail (Coming from South))
JXN: Dobbin and Rocky Ridge (Dobbins Grade trails come in from east and Forms "T" With the north south Rocky Ridge Trail)
Beaver Dam (Beaver Dam Trailhead)
JXN: Blackbird and Rocky Ridge (Blackbird Knob Turns East here and Rocky Ridge starts and heads north)
JXN Bear + Raven (Bear Rocks come in from East/Northeast and End on Raven Ridge)
JXN: Beaver View + Raven Ridge (Raven Ridge comes in from SW and ends on Raven Ridge)