Vegetation Clearing Area
Non-Emergency Post-FARP Recevier Taxi Route
132 foot C-130 Wingspan
500 ft
500 ft
Surveyed Overrun appears to start 75+ feet past the surveyed departure end (see diagram on survey)
Surveyed Overrun appears to start 75+ feet short of the approach end (see diagram on survey)

3018 ft
500 yard radius DZ proposed
500 yd radius (SATB Parabundle and Freefall Bundle only)
500 yd radius (SATB Parabundle and Freefall bundle only)
500 yd radius (SATB Parabundle Freefall bundle only)
2000 yds
1000 yds
Gas Pipeline buffer (land clear of area)
(Kinder HLZ named for the gas company who owns the right of way on which the HLZ is located.)
Large Diameter High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline (Land greater than 100' feet away from pipeline (hover operations not restricted))
58 foot diameter A-10 winspan
350 foot FARP hose
64 feet wingtip to wingtip (C-130 to A-10) when on taxilines
300 feet Tanker to Receiver SPR

Receiver Marhalling Route
Receiver Egress Route
hose staging
58 ft A-10 wingspan
160 feet
95 feet
Rutted portion of LZ
Delmar LZ


Keno LZ
Cedar Peak
Alamo S Point
Calente B Ctr Point
Caliente A Ctr Point
Black Mt
Belted Peak
Coyote Peak
Elgin N Point
Alamo N Point
"Pinnacle" HLZ (expired)
Manned Tower
Manned Tower
Manned Tower
Manned Tower
Manned Tower
Manned Tower
Manned Tower
Manned Tower
"Square Field" Army HLZ
"NE Corner" Army HLZ
"Desert Peak" Army HLZ
"Apache" Army HLZ
"Ft Rucker Pinnacle" Army HLZ
"Dusty" Army HLZ
"Cobra" Army HLZ
"Southern Confined" Army HLZ
"No Name" Army HLZ
"Little Malpai" Army HLZ
"Gap" Army HLZ
"Dry Lake Bed" Army HLZ
"Newman LZ" Army HLZ
"Sombrerro Butte" Army HLZ
"Shelf" Army HLZ
"Central Confined" Army HLZ
"Eastern Confined" Army HLZ
"LZ Brusca" Army HLZ
"Silvermine" HLZ
"Lost Acre" HLZ
"Waterman" HLZ
"Dusty" HLZ (CLOSED)
"Plite" HLZ Closed due to Pima County Air Quality Laws (We are in the process of completing an HLZ survey for the EOD range which will include a tilled brownout pit in a few months.)
"Sollers (FKA Palisade)" HLZ
"Lemmon" HLZ
"Jeep" HLZ
"Pam" HLZ
"Pipeline" HLZ (PERMANENTLY CLOSED) (Closed due to High Pressure pipeline restrictions from Gas Company)
"Caliente" HLZ
"Froelich" HLZ
"Reiley" HLZ
"Jenna" HLZ
"Humor" HLZ (Expired)
"China Mountain" HLZ
"Prieto" HLZ
"Blackhills" HLZ
"San Juan" HLZ
"Pond" HLZ
"Sierrita" HLZ
"Penitas" HLZ
"Rancho Seco" HLZ
"Rucker (FKA Ranger)" HLZ
"Ranger (FKA Rucker)" HLZ (CLOSED)
"Saddle Mountain East" HLZ (Expired)
"Stronghold" HLZ (CLOSED)
"Hubbard" HLZ (Expired)
"Ajo" HLZ (Expired)
"333 LZ" HLZ
"Cobra" HLZ
"Tank" HLZ
"OP Charlie" HLZ
"Heidi" HLZ
"Grapevine" HLZ
"HLZ 1"
"HLZ 2"
"HLZ 3"
"HLZ 4"
"HLZ 5"
"HLZ 6"
"Tower Pad" HLZ (range 3)
"Joker" HLZ
"Winner" HLZ
"Brooke" (WPT 40) HLZ
Gasden Circular DZ
Humor Circular DZ
Amistad Lake Water Circular DZ (Expired) (1200yd Radius)
Pipeline Circular DZ (Expired)
Sandhill LZ (Sandhill LZ center point)
Sandhill LZ approach end (Approach End)
Sandhill LZ departure end (Departure End)
"Devon" HLZ (Expired) (Last Used during AT 13')
"FBI" HLZ (Expired) (Surveyed 20081207)
Antelope Circular DZ (Expired)
Aux 6 Ciruclar DZ
Box Car Circular DZ (Expired)
Eloy Circular DZ (Expired)
Chip Circular DZ (Expired)
Coin Circular DZ (Expired)
Coolidge Circular DZ (expired)
Coolidge Quad DZ (expired)
Crimson DZ (Expired)
Desert Rock North Circular DZ (Expired)
Eloy Rectangular North DZ (Expired)
DM Demo DZ (Expired)
Don-Kay Circular DZ (Expired)
Dragoon Circular DZ (Expired)
Dust Devil DZ (Expired)
Eloy Rectangular South DZ (Expired)
BMGR Range 1 Circular DZ
BMGR Range 2 Circular DZ
Range 3 DZ proposed
BMGR Range 4 Circular DZ
Gunfighter Circular DZ
Indian Springs DZs (Expired)
Keno North and South DZs (Expired)
Leon Water Circular DZ
Lordsburg Circular DZ (Expired)
Maltz Circular DZ (Expired)
Meatloaf DZ (Expired)
Overton Water Circular DZ (Expired) (1200yd Radius)
Plite Circular DZ (Expired)
Rebar 12 and 30 DZs (Expired)
Rock Circular DZ (Expired)
Roosevelt Lake Water Circular DZ (1200yard radius)
Sand Circular DZ (Expired)
Sand North DZ (Expired)
Stallion Circular DZ (Expired)
Tombstone Circular DZ (Expired)
Tombstone DZ (Expired)
White Hills Circular DZ (Expired)
Work Center Circular DZ (Expired)
"Aux 6 Airfield" HLZ (Expired)
"MOUT Site" HLZ (Expired)
.Hubbard LZ
"Jackal (WPT 43)" HLZ (Expired)
"Playas (WPT 17)" HLZ (Expired)
"Site 35" HLZ (Expired)
"Site 41" HLZ (Expired)
"Stallion AAF" HLZ (Expired)
CSAR Village Circular DZ (Expired)
Red Rio Circular DZ (Expired)
Coyote Circular DZ (NEW)
Florence Circular DZ (NEW)
Allan Circular DZ (MFF only (436yard radius) 11SQT 52781 82765)
Sanchez Circular DZ (MFF only 219 yard radius 11SQT5617782143)
Dimock Circular DZ (MFF Only (436 yard radius) 11SQT 52178 81204)
Hario Circular DZ (MFF only 219 yard radius 11SQT5486879736)
Katzenberger Circular DZ (MFF only 218 yard radius 11SQT5162981947)
west tire marking pipeline safety buffer

McCaskill DZ (Center point is 12S WA 10471 59443 3210.268', -11053.336' PI is 12S WA 11081 58782 3209.928', -11052.948')
Peanut Circular DZ 3208.261', -11048.741' (--EOD Specialist TSgt Daniel "Peanut" Douvile memorial DZ-- 600 yard radius, Personnel, MFF, SATB, Parabundel, Freefall bundle)
"Fulp" HLZ (--EOD Specialist TSgt Lee Fulp Memorial HLZ-- center point at 3208.261', -11048.741' 200yd by 400yd HLZ with a 70yd by 100yd brownout pit at east end)
"Kinder" HLZ (Proposed) 3221.62783', -11018.67783' (3221.62783', -11018.67783')
"Plite" HLZ (CLOSED) (Closed due to Pima County air quality ordinance compliance)
"Corrals" HLZ
"Mel" HLZ (expired)
"Jessica" HLZ (expired) (Hover Only)
"Paige" HLZ (expired)
"Pedro" HLZ (expired)
"Prison" HLZ (expired)
"Tribal" HLZ (expired)
Suggested ARFF Position
"Pearce Ferry" HLZ
"Cobra" HLZ (NV)
"Site 25" HLZ
"Capstone" HLZ
"Site 26" HLZ
"Site 21" HLZ
1000ft from FARP Receiver Point
1000ft from FARP Tanker Position
Single Receiver FARP Point
Libby AAF FARP Tanker SPR
HC-130J (FARP Tanker) Nose
2nd Receiver Holding Position
Keno LZ (6002 ft long by 90 ft wide with 560 ft overruns)

War Eagle Circular DZ (1000 meter radius)
Gentz DZ PI 940 Yard radius (940 yard radius)
Personnel landing point
Delmar LZ Approach End
Delmar LZ Departure End
Iron Horse DZ PE PI 1000yds by 700yds
Pronghorn Cir DZ
Good Luck Cir DZ
SW corner of Container
Sky Pirate Circular DZ
Volcano Cir DZ
SE corner of Container
NE Corner of Container
NW corner of Container
End of Ruts
3500 feet good LZ remaining