Inconveivable Approach 3.5mi
Inconveivable Descent 0.7mi
Inconveivable Exit 2.2mi
Inconveivable Approach Track
Inconveivable Descent Track
Inconveivable Exit Track
R12 170 (BNR07) (Scott Swaney original nut-cable in crack (don't disturb) & purple webbing solution pocket 20' back, very loose, vertical & freehang 30' bottom)
R12 BNR07 (Rap 7 - Inconceivable Canyon. Anchored from an arch about 20 feet back from the drop and drops about 170 feet using a total of about 190 feet of rope travel. Rap 7 has a little bit of free hang on the way down.)
R10 200 (BNR05 285')
R10 195 + pothole
R10 bottom of 285', (Pothole walkaround RDC ledge)
R07 dC (chute 8')
R08 40 (BNR04)
R09 90 (BNR05 285') ( 90' mult-pitch)
R06 20 ( cairn 5' back)
R07 20 (BNR03)
R07BNR03 (Rap 3 - Inconceivable Canyon. Is anchored LDC from a pinch point created by a chokestone and drops about 35 feet over two stages with the last stage being downclimable. About 50 feet before reaching the top of rap 3 is a downclimb of about 25 feet that looks difficult from the top but is only moderately difficult.)
R05 BNR02 (Rap 2 - Inconceivable Canyon. Is anchored from a cairn anchor and drops about 85 feet down a sloped wall that then goes vertical for the last half. Just before reaching rap 2 is a moderately difficult downclimb of about 15 feet in a chute.)
R05 Bottom
R03 30 (cairn 5' back)
R04 20' (knot chalk back rdc)
R05 85 (BNR02) (, not 180.bluu r2)
R02 18 (BNR01) (180', cairn back 10')
R02 BNR01 (Rap 1 - Inconceivable Canyon. Is anchored from a cairn anchor about 10 feet back from the drop and drops about 180 feet with a couple of small almost downclimbable stages near the bottom.)
R01 20 ( knot chalk rdc, or we did dC ledge RDC)
00.1 Start (Top of Inconceivable Canyon. This is where the drainage for Inconceivable makes a bend and begins to travel almost due east.)
BN dc1 (Start of a section with a series of small drops. 6 drops of up to 8 feet each and all easy scrambles.)
BN dc2 (A drop of about 30 feet with a chute running down it. The drop is bypassed by downclimbing on the RDC (south) side. The start of the bypass involves a very awkward traverse along the RDC side then the rest of the downclimb is a pretty easy scramble / downclimb along a featured wall. Lowering packs and doing the bypass without your pack on is a good idea here.)
R11 175 (BNR06) (175', single anchor solution pocket arch -dm)
R11 BNR04-06 (Raps 4 thru 6 - Inconceivable Canyon. Rap 4 is anchoredLDC from a large creosote bush about 10 feet back from the drop then drops about 40 feet over two stages. Rap 5 is right at the bottom of rap 4, is anchored from a chokestone rock pile and drops about 285 feet over two stages to a deep pothole at the bottom. The pothole at the bottom of rap 5 can be escaped on the RDC side but water and slick mud can make this difficult. In the rare event the pothole gets filled with water it will be a swimmer for a few feet. Be prepared to help one another up out of this large pothole especially if it gets wet and muddy. Rap 6 is anchored from a small arch / hole in the rock down in the small pothole after the large pothole below rap 5 and drops about 175 feet down a mostly sloped wall. At the bottom of rap 6 is a pothole that may be waist deep if full of water but again this would be very rare.)
BN dc3 (Drop of about 12 feet that can be downclimbed or easily bypassed on either side.)
Exit (Confluence of the Buttercup and Inconceivable Draianges. This is in a deep slot carved through conglomerate rock.)
BN dc5 (Start of a slot running down through a conglomerate slot.)
BN dc4 (Ramp of about 12 feet to scramble down near where some other drainages join in from RDC.)