Sherman Pass to Fire Road
Upper Descent
Upper Approach
Middle Exit
Lower Approach
Lower Descent
Lower Exit
Reference Gully 1
Reference Gully 2
Parking Rincon
Turn off hwy
Parking Road
LR5 90' bolt
LR4 40' rabbit hole boulders
LR4(b) 98' Alternate
Rincon Trail to Salmon Creek
LR2 50'
LR3 40'
Exit Stream South Side Trail
LR1 20'
Parking Exit Lower (Service Road Concrete Wall)
Rincon Trail
Parking Upper
JCT FR 22S12
Brush Creek
Horse Meadow
JCT FR 23S08
Middle Entry/Exit
UR1 180 (R1 180 DCR tree/rock to pool to traverse, difficult pull, headwall R1-4)
UR2 165 (R2 165 bolts after traverse, pull difficult)
UR3 110 (R3 110 bolts small ledge 24" wide)
UR4 220 (R4 220 bolts small ledge 24" wide)
UR5 90 (R5 90 rock, dry rap 100yds after headwall)
UR6 50 (R6 50 bolt LDC with dC underside of of rock)
UR7 70
UR8 60
Johnsondale Bridge