Garabaldi neve Travers
Ring-Mashiter pass (dip N of Elfin) 1417m (4649')
Elfin Shelter 1470m (4823')
Red Heather Hut 1200m (3937')
Diamond Head Parking Lot 970m (3182')
E side of Ring Creek, steep morraine on W side 1376m (4514')
Bottom of Morraine 1285m (4216')
Top of Morraine 1310m (4298')
Start down across Gargoyles avalanche chutes 1440m (4724')
Third Gulley (huge gulley) 1435m (4708')
Second Gulley 1424m (4672')
Cross First Gulley 1450m (4757')
Critical Corner, up against Rock wall S of Sharks Fin 2029m (6657')
2080m Rocky Ridge goes E. (high point of the low route).
Traverse level from ridge line 2087m (6847')
Remaining few timbers from old cabin 1996m (6549')
40m below rock spur 1855m (6086')
start of climb to high point (big snowdrift on Left 1752m (5748')
On big flat, with view of Pitt Valley 1713m (5620')
Big Level area 1618m (5308')
glaciology Hut 1556m (5105')
Bottom of Glacier Chute 1609m (5279')
Center of gulley, no rock visible in poor visibility 1704m (5591')
Top of Glacier Chute, below rock Nunatuk 1794m (5886')
Pass between Glacier Pikes and bump to W 1910m (6266')
Pass between Warren Glacier and Pitt R (Camp) 1810m (5938')
Outlet of Garibaldi Lake 1472m (4829')
Skiing across Garibaldi Lake 1472m (4829')
Stream outlet into Garibaldi Lake 1509m (4950')
Black Tusk Parking Lot 570m (1870')
below Barrier lake (climb up to trail) 1370m (4495')
Inlet into Barrier Lake (Ski across Barrier Lake)
Winter parking spot Jct (1.5 km from highway) 390m (1280')
trail crosses Taylor Creek (drop down to Lesser Garibaldi Lake 1377m (4518')
Red Heather Hut parking