Off limits
Off limits
Off limits
off limits except MTB short course
off limits
P3 (Punch C 275m, 36degrees TN)
P2 (go to Punch B 1km 15 degrees true north)
P1 (go to Punch A 200m 187 degrees true north)
CP 0 start (bussed to start)
CP 01 (saddle)
CP 02 (spring)
CP 03 (spring)
CP 04 (tree in clearing)
TA 1 (Transition from foot to bike)
CP 06 (Sticker on back of Blue blaze, near snowpark sign)
CP 07 (top (sticker on white tank))
CP 08 (Sticker on Round Mountain South TH sign)
CP 09 (old mine building. Sticker near old light switch (color of wires flagged))
CP 10 (snow shelter)
TA 2 (Spears meadow Jct. transition to foot.)
CP 13 (saddle)
CP 12 (white rock spring)
CP 14 (high point)
CP 15 (jct of draws)
CP 16 (Stein's Pillar overlook (rappell?))
CP 17 (cleft in rocky outcroppings (approach cleft from west to east))
CP 18 (Jct of old road and draw)
TA 3 (Wildcat CG day use parking lot.)
CP 20 (Trailhead)
CP 22 (trailhead)
TA 3 (Lake. TA to paddle course. and Finish. )
CP 05 (swim Must go to TA first!)
CP 11 (Geologic survey stone due west of jct. (near small tree on edge))
CP 19 (bridge/stream junction)
CP 21 (bridge (with stay on trail sigh (sticker on back)))