GMU 530 Line
Otter Creek Road
Brad's Hole
County line clearcut (This is the clearcut visible to the NW of "1491 T" (where we glassed). The clearcut is right on the Wahkiakum/Lewis county line at T10N, sections 3 and 4. I suspect the other hunters came over the ridge along the Elochoman Mainline Road.)
Elochoman Lake Access (Access route to Elochoman Lake from Abernathy Creek road.)
1580 Spur
Bicycle Path
861 Mainline
High Elevation Parking (This is the line-of-sight from the knob on Otter Creek road to the SE, where Daniel spotted a truck's headlights on the last day of rifle season, 2014. It all makes good sense now.)
1560 Clearcut
861 Clearcut
860 to DNR Panhandle
Elk Mountain area
West Valley Road
Jim Crow Creek Rd.
Elochoman Gate
Otter Creek turnout
Check This! (Take this spur road to the west, look over the clear cut, especially the SW corner. )
Elochoman Chehalis Saddle
Incline Road Borrow Pit & Gate
Truck Parking
Elochoman Lake Road (Very pretty lake, but no use for hunting.)
1580 Spur (A very good spur road to glass the Elochoman River valley. )
1560 Spur (Do not descend this spur road---a waste of time.)
860 Mainline Road
861 Spur
Central Glassing Point
BMX Parking
Strike 2015