lost path going both up and down
Forest Service Road 4096 (This is the approximate route of FS Road 4096... there is no trailhead for this hike... but there is room to park several cars on the side of the road where it switchbacks for the third time.)
Bedal Peak 2015.09.10
ramp leads through cliffs (An obvious ramp will get you through this very cliffy area... there are several pieces of tape along the ramp, but they are not obvious until you get closer to the ramp.)
high route (we used the high route on the way to the summit... Class 2/3.)
low route (If we did this hike/scramble again, we would use this route for both the ascent and descent... easy Class 1 and 2.)
sucker gully - stay away (It will be a waste of your time to try this gully.)
good path (we found the good path on the way back to our car.)
bad route - off path (use the lower route... it is on a good path.)