249.1 true / 235.9 mag (Bench Canyon approach)
260.5 true / 247.4 mag (Blue Lake)
325 true / 312 mag (Thousdand Island)
226.4 true / 213.2 mag (North Glacier Pass)
244.6 true / 231.5 mag (Twin Lakes)
292.2 true / 279.1 mag (Isberg Trail connection)
Lyell Canyon Drop-In
Twin Lakes
Blue Lake
Unnamed Pass into Yosemite
isberg trail (Where do you want to pick this up? RC: More or less where your marker is, I'd imagine. This particular trail is supposed to be a bit tricky to pick up, but once you do it's pretty straightforward. One thing we have going for us is the transition from granite to treeline. But we'll have to do some navigating to be sure.)
Volelsang Lake (Access to Lyell Canyon)
Ediza Lake (Night 1)
Thousand Island (Sleep on SW to give access to North Glacier Pass RC: Agreed)
North Glacier Pass
Donohue Pass
Mammoth Mountain (Park at mammoth mountain, take shuttle back to car from Agnew (why not just park at Agnew and go cross country to Ediza?) RC: We can definitely go from Agnew to Ediza direct on the first day. If I recall, though, you can't park at Agnew. We could go xc, but since there's a trail and it's the first day, thought it might be good to get somewhat acclimated. )
Isberg trail overnight (just an option. subject to change.)