White Wash Sand Dunes 2.0 ( This Jeep trail takes you through the transition zone between typical desert and the White Wash Sand Dunes south of Green River.)
Bench to Bench 2.0
Fixit Pass 3.5 (A few hundred feet of Fixit Pass is the only section of this Jeep trail that rates 3.5 for difficulty. The rest of the trail is 2.o or 2.5.)
Reds Canyon 2.0 (This is a fantastic Jeep trip through the spectacular scenery of Reds Canyon. Start out in Sinbad Country with rock art and a settler's cabin, then explore numerous mines left over from the uranium booms. Almost all roads are rated GP with only a few short sections barely making it to 2.0.)
Eva Conover - Devils Racetrack 3.5 (When they went to build I-70 in the 1960's they needed a way to get the equipment into some of the canyons to build the massive bridges. Eva Conover was a county commissioner at the time and pushed for a road to be cut through, which it was. The road has since been challenged and tried to be closed down, but because they had written approval the road was proven to be existing and is still accessible.)
9 Mile Canyon GP (This is a great run that includes much more than just 9 Mile Canyon. Start on US 6 near East Carbon (eastern leg). This does the slow-going Jeep trail first and you can finish up on higher speed paved road at the end of the day.)
Crystal Geyser GP (Crystal Geyser is one of the region's several man-made bore holes that tap cold water and CO2 to yield occasional, but at one time spectacular, geyser action (about twice a day). A 1935 oil exploration well drilled into a fault zone above a natural carbon dioxide reservoir.)
Black Dragon 2.5 (The San Rafael Reef is an up-tilted line of sandstone plates 80 miles long. You will enjoy it's colorful rock, prehistoric rock art and the rock walls that tower hundreds of feet above the narrow canyon of Black Dragon Wash.)
Coal Canyon Bench 2.0 (This is a great Jeep trail close to Green River. Head up Coal Canyon to Coal Canyon Bench. Travel along the bench then drop back down through Horse Canyon.)
Bench Overlooks and Sego 2.0 ( Start at Crescent Junction on I-70, climb a Jeep trail up to a bench with 2 nice overlooks then descend down to Sego Ghost Town and Freemont rock art.)
Dubinky Bound 3.0
1A Blue Hills Ruby Ranch GP (Access to a large area south of I-70 and west of US 191.)
Black Dragon Rock Art
Black Dragon Root Rocks
9 Mile Great Hunt panel
9 Mile group of panels
9 Mile Daddy Canyon panels
9 Mile Dry Cyn Petroglyphs