This map shows several popular Shasta routes: Avy gulch, Casaval Ridge, West Face Gully, and the Hotlum-Bolam. It was created *based on my recollection* to showcase CalTopo's map sharing features and the new 40' contour layer. Routes are not marked with GPS precision and are intended as a general guide only. For more information, see the map guide.
Winter Var (In winter, most people head straight up the drainage and out of treeline as soon as possible.)
var (icy) (Staying high and right allows you to skirt the bergschrund, but can be icier.)
Casaval Ridge (Once you get above 10.5k, the route will generally hug climber's left of the ridge but the actual route varies with the snowpack. There are multiple variations at the top; this shows an easier route that exits to the top of West Face Gully.)

(Avalanche Gulch.)
(West Face Gully route.)
(Hotlum-Bolam Route. There is a well defined trail up to overnight campsites around 9500-10k feet. Note where the route cuts east and then west again near the variation; if you disable contour lines and relief shading and zoom all the way in, you can see the bergschrund on the satellite layer.)
Hidden Valley
Lake Helen
Bunny Flat TH
Northgate TH
10k Camp (Nice wide, flat spot on the ridgeline that is commonly used as a campsite. You can also camp at first window just up the hill to save time in the morning, but those spots are more wind exposed and narrower.)
(approx) (Campsites should be easy to find when you're on the ground, but I'm having trouble pinpointing them on the map.)